7 Mom-Friendly Companies That Are Redefining the Workplace

The age of the lady boss is, thank heavens, well upon us. And while it’s more common than ever before to see women running the show, it can still be a struggle for new and prospective mothers. Thankfully, there is a whole crop of wildly successful companies—hello, Facebook and Google—blazing a new trail with their perks and amenities for working mommas (think stipends and “baby bucks,” on-site care centers, and more).

And why shouldn’t they?! After all, the incentive to keep prospective mothers and new parents feeling happy, respected, and cared for in the workplace is clear: A 2012 National Study of Employers study found that when an employee leaves for, let’s say, an alternative place of work with better benefits or to spend more time at home, the company spends 20% of that persons salary in productivity losses for time spent transitioning replacements. In the world of business, ain’t nobody got time for that! Read on for seven mom-friendly companies every brand, business, and fledgling startup should aim to emulate.