Want to Work From Home? Apply to These Companies

Ever dream of staying in your PJs on a rainy Monday or skipping rush hour to get a head start on dinner? Working under the restrictions of a corporate company can make these kinds of conveniences pretty difficult.

Fortunately, for some, working remotely is becoming increasingly more common. Money recently released a new annual survey from the remote jobs website FlexJobs.com, which provides the names of the best companies to apply to if you're looking to telecommute (i.e. work from home).

According to the study, remote job listings have risen by 36% since 2014. The increase is due to advances in technology like high-speed Internet, cloud-sharing capabilities, and video-conferencing from afar, which corporations are using to their advantage by accepting highly skilled and competent applicants from all over the world.

Call center LiveOps is the top telecommuter company on this list, with other virtual call centers and customer-service companies dominating the top 10 spots. Other well-known companies to look into for remote opportunities are Amazon, UnitedHealth Group, and IBM.

You're in luck if you're in the fields of IT, sales, and healthcare, which rank high for telecommuting careers. As far as specific jobs, writers, engineers, software developers, medical coders, and adjunct professors are the careers most likely to afford you the chance to work from the comfort of your couch.  

Head over to Money for more details on the best companies for working remotely, and get a head start on desk accessories for your home office by purchasing this perfect acrylic pencil cup.

Would you be interested in working for a company that allows telecommuting? Tell us in the comments below.