Cooking With This Kind of Oil Is so Much Healthier (and It's From Costco)

Sometimes the most basic things in life beget the most daunting conundrums. And figuring out which bottle of oil to get for all your cooking needs when there's an absurd number of options to choose from at the grocery store is definitely one of those times. Who knew the simplest step in cooking could be so overwhelming?

In an effort to keep simple things simple, we asked nutrition health coach Holly Harding for her expertise on the matter. Below, she walks us through the best cooking oils for various diets, from vegan to Paleo and more, which one she keeps in stock for a healthier diet, how to get the most band for your buck, and even when we should just be using butter. So find out the best cooking oils to keep in stock once and for all for easier grocery shopping, healthier cooking, and tastier meals.