5 Healthy Foods a "Nutritionist on a Budget" Always Buys From Costco

Updated 10/31/17
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Costco may be known for its oversize offerings, but in nutritionist Heather McClee's opinion, the membership-only warehouse is a hidden gem for budget-friendly health foods. "Costco is a great place to shop for healthy food because I find that, even though I spend more up front, I spend less time shopping and fewer dollars over the course of the month," she writes over on The Kitchn. "One trip to Costco means I don't have to stop at the grocery store every week, I don't have to worry about running out of staple items, I get more food, and I can take advantage of some seriously good deals." Below read up on the five items McClee regularly buys from Costco when she's trying to stay healthy on a budget.

Organic apples. "Many people don't like buying fresh produce in bulk, but I love it because I end up eating more of it, and the quality at Costco is great."

Organic oatmeal. "My favorite oatmeal is Bob's Red Mill Quick-Cooking Steel-Cut Oatmeal, and Costco has a great price on a huge bag of it. At less than $9 for 112 ounces, this oatmeal is about 25% cheaper than what the same amount would cost me elsewhere."

Dried figs. "I can get two, two-pound bags of organic dried raisins for just $9 or $10 at Costco, compared to a measly 16-ounce container for $3 at Walmart or Target."

Almond butter. "I'm constantly buying almond butter (and applesauce!) at Costco. The Kirkland Signature brand is seriously legit, and I actually seek it out, choosing this over other name-brand options."

Frozen fruits and vegetables. "One reason … I choose frozen over fresh when I'm on a tight budget [is] because it lasts longer. I can also use frozen fruits and veggies in pretty much anything, and they are generally sold in bulk at a great price at Costco."

Head over to The Kitchn for more of McClee's Costco buys, and add your two cents in the comments.

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