Want to Live Abroad? The Best Countries for Expats

If the thought of moving abroad has ever crossed your mind, you are not alone: More than 6.3 million Americans live overseas, and according to a 2011 survey, a shocking 40% of young people said they were thinking about relocation. The Great American Diaspora is real. Whether you want to learn a new language, you’re looking to land a great job, or you just want to spread your wings, moving abroad is a challenging and rewarding experience from which you can only grow.

So where should you move? For some of you, the answer may be as simple as where your company’s satellite office is located, where your family lives, or where you speak the native tongue, but for many, the answer is one big fill-in-the-blank. There are a number of important points to consider, including quality of life, job opportunities, salary, the chance to travel, healthcare, childcare, and education. HSBC has ranked dozens of these criteria in its annual Expat Explorer survey, arriving at a definitive list of the best countries for expats to live and work abroad. Read on to find out which countries are leading the charge—and find out what makes them so appealing.