Fall Playlist: 16 Cover Songs We Can't Get Enough Of

The first cut isn’t always the deepest—that’s what we learned in the process of making our ultimate fall mixtape. Blame it on the change in seasons, but we find ourselves craving the shelter of nostalgic, time-honored tracks to match our music-centric décor goals. We’re taking a journey down the back catalogue of a few favorite musical artists brought about a rousing discussion on the best cover songs of all time.

Reprising old classics and revered gems is a forever-controversial enterprise. It’s bold to claim art might be better articulated by someone other than its original architect. With that premise assumed, we’ve assembled a few deep cuts and killer tracks for your consideration. From the dispassionate cool riffs of punk to Johnny Cash crooning Nine Inch Nails, these iconic do-overs give their source material some serious competition. Crank up your speakers. These records are meant to be played loud. Enjoy our list of the most undeniably great cover songs ever. You heard it here first (sort of).

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Have a favorite cover? Let us know what it is.