These Custom Art Pieces Are Made Just For You

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Ever land in your dentist’s office and lock eyes with the same piece of impersonal abstract art that hangs above your couch at home? Sigh. Or show up at a housewarming party with a bottle of wine identical to that of the next guest? Yikes. We want our homes and our gifts to reveal something about ourselves and the relationships we cherish, so ditch the impersonal art, save the wine for yourself, and create personalized pieces to celebrate the people, pets, places (and even books!) closest to your heart.

We did our research to find the best professional-grade art with a personal touch, perfect for occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings. You’ll find something for the newlywed couple and the expanding family, for new roommates and cherished pets, for favorite storefronts and first-time homebuyers, and impactful books and memorable events.

Ahead, the best types of custom art.

Minted Custom House Letterpress Portrait Art

Custom House Letterpress Portrait Art

Courtesy of Minted

Home is where the art—ahem, heart—is. Underscore that truth by commemorating your home with a custom line drawing of the exterior. Simply upload a photo, choose from a variety of color and frame options, add your text (if desired!), and choose from standard or letterpress printing. Letterpress instantly elevates any piece by virtue of its handcrafted element: It gives your design a slight relief, making a tactile impression. Letterpress typically requires access to a fancy, expensive press, but Minted can take your art and do it for you!

West & Willow Custom Pet Portraits

West and Willow Custom Pet Portrait

West and Willow

For the most photogenic family members—yes, I’m talking about the furry ones—we’re loving these framed portraits from West & Willow. Modern and minimal, they’ll cohere with any décor, and they’ll definitely up your gallery wall game. Simply upload a photo, and your pet’s (or pets’) photo comes back to you printed on gallery-grade paper, framed, and ready-to-hang. Man’s best friend never looked so good.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Portrait

Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Portrait

Uncommon Goods

Michigan-based artist Shelly Klein creates custom caricature-style illustrations of your family. You'll love the range of customization options, from hairstyle to skin color and clothing. You can fit anywhere from two to 12 members in the frame, including the feline and canine members. (Turtles, fish, and chickens available too!) You can also select a ready-to-hang frame so you can display it immediately once it arrives.

Ideal Bookshelf Custom Print

Ideal Bookshelf Custom Print

Pictures say a thousand words; books contain many more. A personalized print, painting, or mug of your “ideal bookshelf” multiplies the possibilities. For these pieces, artist Jane Mount illustrates your selected book spines. Choose up to 20 books for the print or painting, 30 for the mug. And if you’re looking for a gift and don’t know the recipient’s favorite titles, Mount offers theme, genre, and author-based prints, too, including everything from travel, food, fashion, and golf, to Toni Morrison, modernism, and fantasy.

The Fairybeam Custom 3" Mini Pet Portrait

mini embroidered cat portrait

Courtesy of The Fairybeam

If your gallery wall needs some texture and variation, an embroidered pet portrait is just what you need. Textile artist Katie Doyle of The Fairybeam captures your pet with detail and tactility, highlighting everything from the definition of their eyes to the quality of their fur. These beautiful embroidery hoop portraits range from hyper-realist to whimsical, depending on your preferences.

Fairlight Co. Custom Collage Portrait (Digital)

Fairlight Co. Custom Collage Portrait (Digital)

For a gift that’s both modern and versatile, go digital. Digital illustrators like Fairlight Co. can take a picture—or pictures—and render a composite image with character. You can opt for the more modern, minimalist look—sans facial features—or a more individualized piece. Where you go from there is rather limitless: Turn the portrait into framed art, send out some holiday cards, even add adhesive and churn out stickers!

Little Lief Creative Baby Footprint Keepsake

LittleLiefCreative Baby Footprint Keepsake

Capture the moment a little one walked into your life with this timeless keepsake from Little Lief Creative. With a modern and graphic look, this digital print captures your newborn’s footprints and birth details (name, birth date, weight, and length). Choose from a range of inks and sizes, and hang it in your nursery, office, or somewhere more public to share with friends and family.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Skyline Wedding Art

Uncommon Goods Personalized Skyline Wedding Art

Got a timeless love? Flaunt it with one of the many personalized vintage posters offered by Chicago-based artist Alexander Doll. Featuring classic scenes and iconic fonts reminiscent of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, these nostalgic prints incorporate your wedding details (names, venue, city, and date) to commemorate your special day with echoes of timelessness and sophistication. Each of these prints is printed on archival paper using archival pigment ink.

Uncommon Goods New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Uncommon Goods New York Times Custom Front Page

Uncommon Goods

Hear us out: A puzzle doesn’t scream capital-A “Art,” but with a little gluing, framing, and mounting, your jigsaw creation can become a commemorative piece you’ll love. This customized puzzle from Uncommon Goods lets you recreate the front page of the New York Times for any significant date of your choosing (at least back to 1851)! Choose anything from your wedding anniversary to a loved one’s birthday—it’ll be fun to assemble and display.

What to Look for in Personalized Art


With the rise of sites like Etsy and Minted, custom art is easier than ever to find. The most popular options include illustrations and prints that can be easily framed and placed on the wall—options exist for individuals, couples, families, pets, and even best friends. You can also custom design your own mugs, throw pillows, puzzles, and pretty much any other type of home décor, although these can fall into the more kitschy category.

Customization Options

The best custom art is, well, totally customizable. Many artists require photographs of subjects to get the details right, plus many let you choose your color scheme, size, and font (if applicable). Be sure to see what customization options are available, and check whether or not you can sign off on the final product before it ships out.


Another important factor? Time! Custom art can't be ordered and shipped within 24 hours, so be sure to count on at least a few weeks between order and delivery. This will give you time to make edits if necessary, and won't leave you hanging if you're buying a gift. Take special care around the holidays, as this is an even busier time of year for artists—you might want to order at least six weeks out to be sure it arrives on time.

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