11 Incredible Cutting Boards That Will Up Your Cooking Game

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Cutting boards aren't just for kitchen prep anymore. In addition to being useful kitchen tools to help you prepare veggies and carve meat, cutting boards cane be used as serving trays for buffet-style meals or as charcuterie or cheese boards. And if your kitchen storage is limited, you can even wall-mount your board and use it as wall decor when you're not cooking.

Here, the best cutting boards available on the market:

JK Adams Reversible Carving Board

JK Adams Reversible Carving Board

Food 52 

JK Adams cutting board are high-quality, beautifully made, and built to last for decades. We especially love this unique pick, which has a carved out divot on one side to make it easier for you to carve up a roast, a turkey or chicken, or even cut a hard-to-wrangle spaghetti squash. Flip the cutting board over and you have one flat side that's perfect for everyday use or for serving.

Both sides of this maple wood cutting board have a moat around the edges to catch any juices that run out of the meat as you carve, saving you extra countertop cleanup (they're also great for catching the occasional runaway cherry tomato). As with all wooden cutting boards, this pick is hand-wash only.

Epicurean x Frank Lloyd Wright Cut and Serve Boards

Epicurean x Frank Lloyd Wright Cut and Serve Boards

Crate and Barrel 

If you love art deco, these cutting boards—inspired by the designs of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright—will be your new favorite serving pieces. These deep grey resin and recycled paper boards are etched with cool, vintage-feeling, geometric patterns that appear in a natural shade.

We imagine using the smallest board to cut lemons or limes on a stylish bar cart, while the larger picks can be used for bite-sized appetizers or for serving dessert. Best of all, these boards are dishwasher safe when dinner's over and it's time to clean up.

Joseph Joseph Index 4-Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set

Joseph Joseph 4-Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set

 Courtesy of Perigold

If you're worried about food-borne illnesses and cross-contamination, the Index collection courtesy of Joseph Joseph is a no-brainer. This set comes with four boards—one for raw meat, one for uncooked vegetables, one for raw fish, and one for cooked food, like bread or cheese. The four boards are housed in an upright metal container, with tabs to make it easy to pull one out whenever you need it.

The color coding makes it easy to tell at a glance which board to use when you're prepping ingredients for a big meal, and the plastic material means all four boards can be popped in the dishwasher when cooking is through.

Ryland Farmhouse Pottery Wood Slice

Ryland Farmhouse Pottery Wood Slice

 Courtesy of Ryland 

Be prepared to wow your guests with this gorgeous, solid New England ash, raw edge board, which is just as much a statement table piece as it is a high-quality cutting board. Made from a solid piece of wood, this incredibly natural-style pick is very durable and can work as a serving piece or a cutting board, depending on your needs.

It's 100 percent food safe and easy to clean—all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and oil as needed. We also love that each one is totally unique—so even if you get a few, there will be subtle differences in their appearances.

Jelli Reversible Marble Cutting Board

Jelli Reversible Marble Cutting Board

Courtesy of Crate and Berrel

If you are obsessed with marble cutting boards and their unique look but worry about their porous surface, then this stunning marble-look cutting board is a great compromise. Constructed out of high-density propylene, the Jelli Reversible Marble Cutting Board is an easy, convenient, and equally gorgeous alternative to stone.

The board is reversible and features nonslip feet grip surfaces to keep the board in place. It is also non-porous, non-absorbent, stain-resistant, nonstick, break-resistant, dishwasher and freezer safe, and BPA-free, making it safe and easy to maintain for several years.

Frontgate Personalized Artisan Recipe Board

Frontgate Personalized Artisan Recipe Board

 Courtesy of Frontgate

Cutting boards are the perfect palette for a personalized message—or even a recipe. This super creative ambrosia maple cutting board from Frontgate is the perfect way to commemorate an old family recipe. An heirloom piece, you can have a handwritten recipe laser engraved on it, so you will never forget how to make grandmother’s trademark meal.

This board would be an incredibly sentimental gift for a loved one who wants to keep precious memories alive in the kitchen. All you need to do is submit a digital file of your desired image—typed, formatted, or hand-written—in the required dimensions and your recipe will be preserved on wood for decades to come. Just take care—this gift is better as a display piece than as a constantly used board to best preserve the engraving.

Material The reBoard

Material the reBoard

Courtesy of Material

Sustainability meets function and style. Material’s The reBoard one of the most progressive new cutting boards on the market, making it a popular option for the environmentally minded home chef.

These gorgeously hued boards—available in four beautiful and bold shades—aren’t made out of your average plastic. Instead, they are a blend of two ingredients—recycled plastic scrap from kitchenware manufacturing and renewable sugarcane, which adds extra strength and helps compress the mixture into its new form.

Speciality Wood Designs Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board

Speciality Wood Designs Ambrosia Maple Wood Cutting Board


This cutting board, made out of ambrosia maple, will look gorgeous hanging on your wall and come in handy in the kitchen. It’s basically a work of art that belongs in a gallery. With its gorgeous grain, natural shape, and rounded edges, this handcrafted kitchen tool almost looks too pretty to come into contact with a knife.

The board, which measures about 15 inches long, is the ideal size for a cheese board or to hold and slice a loaf of crusty bread. Since the boards are handmade, each piece will have a slightly different shape and grain, making it a great gift for anyone whose home has a rustic vibe.

OXO Utility Cutting Board

OXO Utility Cutting Board

 Courtesy of Crate and Barrel 

OXO’s best-selling Utility Cutting Boards have been a favorite of home chefs for decades, due to the fact that they check nearly every chopping box. First of all, they are warp and stain resistant and won’t absorb odors like other boards. Second, their double-sided design is flawless, with one featuring a drip catcher to avoid spills and the other, flat for everything else.

They also have tapered black handles, both making it easy to grip and lift and also to keep the board from lifting up from the counter. The boards are available in a bunch of sizes to fulfill your every need.

TeakHaus Edge Grain Carving Board

Teakhaus Professional Carving Board

Teak Haus

Not only does this beautiful wooden board provide plenty of room to work with, it’s 15-pound weight keeps it grounded on the counter, but is easy enough to pick up due to clever grips on the sides. In addition to being easy to use and clean, the best thing about this pick is that it is built to last—the way the wood has been cut and pieced together keeps the wood from warping or being affected by water, as long as it's taken care of properly.

Ferm LIVING Stage Board Set

Ferm LIVING Stage Board Set

 Courtesy of Verishop

This stunning set of two serving platters-slash-chopping boards is everything you need to prepare and entertain. Ferm LIVING’s The State Board Set is made of ash wood, finished off with a special varnish to preserve the natural texture of the wood, giving them a raw and rustic look.

Given their unusual shapes and size, the longer of the two boards is certainly better suited for presentation than meal prep, but the wider board is perfect for chopping up fruits or veggies for a snack or herbs for a garnish.