This Is the Best Day to Book Affordable Travel

Airline ticket prices are an ever-changing commodity that follows no set equation. Competition, changes to seat inventory, and sales can affect the cost of the flight up until the very last minute. But what if there were some general trends that prove that one day is cheaper than others? Apparently, there are. Forbes is reporting that the best day of the week for booking flights is Tuesday, and you should aim to purchase your ticket roughly 100 days before you plan to travel. According to the article, “Tuesday is technically the least expensive day to purchase tickets when booked more than three weeks prior to departure.” Sundays are another good day for buying tickets. It’s important to note that prices can change by the hour, so if you come across a flight and the price is right, get it immediately. Find the least expensive domestic and international flights on a Tuesday or Sunday that is 50 to 100 days before your departure. If you book too early or too late, fares become wildly expensive.

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