2019's Top 5 Décor Trends You Won't Want to Miss

Updated 01/18/19
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Whether we're talking fast fashion or home décor, I'll admit that I spend 95.6% of my workday rigorously contemplating which trends to invest in. (Yes, as an editor, I consider them billable hours!) So it comes as no surprise that I'm all over the projected trends for 2019. Bold colors for my wardrobe and my living room? Into it. Matte black for my kitchen? Yes, please! And to scratch my shopping itch (which is extra strong during these dreary winter months), I'm turning to Overstock.com. I've got my eye on some quality pieces—say hi to this pineapple sconce!—and it helps that everything is firmly within my post-holiday price range. Keep reading to see the trends you can't miss…

Trend 1: Bold Colors

Bold colors, like the rich jewel tones pictured here, make me feel like a very classy woman, so I'm excited to see that they're back in a big way for 2019. Think lush blue velvet, pops of brassy golds… They're perfect for the living room, should you be planning on redecorating—or feel free to test the waters via a chic throw pillow if you're not quite ready to look this luxe.

Overstock.com Irene Throw Pillow

Trend 2: Matte Black

You've got that all-black wardrobe down, so what's stopping you from bringing more black into your home? This year, matte black's back, and in ways that'll appeal to pretty much every decor scheme you can think of. My eye is trained on these chairs that can be styled in either a dining area or a living room (bonus points for pairing them with this sleek black-and-gold pendant light). Time to darken things up, no?

Overstock.com Tora Aluminum Statue

Overstock.com Cameron Cabinet

Trend 3: Curvy Shapes

Rounded edges and natural shapes feel like a stark contrast from the sharper lines we've seen in the past, and to be honest, I'm totally into it. Inject your room with curvier shapes for a more retro vibe (no treasure-hunting required) via rounded wall sconces and plush headboards. As I shop, I'll imagine myself spending days on end in this absolute dream of a bedroom.

Overstock.com Emma Beveled Mirror

Trend 4: Geometric Themes

If your look is more bohemian and vintage-inspired, try the geometric theme this year. We love the way this looks in a kitchen, where you can play around with geo-tiled backsplashes or incorporate the trend through artsy lighting to freshen things up for the New Year.

Trend 5: Pattern Play

And if geometric themes and curvy shapes weren't enough for you, consider yourself, lucky because patterns are everywhere in 2019. My style tends to gravitate toward solids (a bit boring, I know), so I'll be venturing out of my comfort zone a bit by acquiring patterned throw pillows and a bold Persian rug. Make this year the one when you break out of your comfort zone and mix up patterns with upholstery, throws, and pillows. 

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