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6 Design Photographers We Love to Follow for Inspiration

Bright, airy living room with a chic vintage feel.

Becca Interiors

You already know that designer Instagram accounts are an amazing resource for gathering inspo for all things home. But, have you thought to take a look at their photographers’ pages, too? Following shutterbugs who specialize in interiors is an excellent way to expand your knowledge of all things design and gather ideas for future projects.

While designers’ pages often reflect one particular aesthetic, photographers often shoot for a variety of clients and thus post a wide range of styles on the ‘gram. Not sure where to begin? Follow six of our favorites featured below.

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Sara Ligorria-Tramp

L.A.-based Ligorria-Tramp has shot for some of our fave designers, including Emily Henderson and Ginny McDonald, to name a few. Her crisp, bright shots are full of detail and feature a dose of whimsy, too. Oh, and her own home is pretty darn charming in its own right.

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Jacqueline Clairm

You may know Clair from her main Instagram account, which features beautiful shots of New York City, London, and more. However, the NYC-based creative also specializes in interior photography, and her design account features images from sessions with clients as well as pics Clair snapped at designer showhouses.

Clair gravitates toward traditional, colorful spaces—and any grandmillennial will feel right at home browsing her page. 

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Madeline Harper Benavides

Based in Austin, Benavides’s clients include IDCO Studio founder Anastasia Casey, whose home makes a frequent appearance on the grid—and for good reason. We’ve fallen in love with Benavides’ bright and cheerful images.

Whether capturing a tablescape or a stylish bathroom, her airy pics will always win us over. 

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Monica Wang

Wang, based in LA, fills her page with sunny shots of both her own home and others’ spaces and is also the founder of The Revery, a photo studio and event space with a stunning kitchen that was featured in Design Within Reach’s fall 2020 catalog. Neutrals have never looked so good.

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Reema Desai Boldes

Washington, D.C.-based Boldes features a range of lifestyle content on her page, and she frequently shoots irnteriors for a variety of designers with gorgeous mod aesthetics. Foodies and travel lovers won’t want to miss out, either.

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Rebekah Westover

Love the Studio McGee aesthetic? You won’t want to miss out on Westover’s page, which features Utah-based stunning transitional style rooms, dreamy kitchens, and more. We can’t get enough of her own incredible home, either.