7 Simple Deviled Egg Recipes to Win Over Everyone At a Party

A platter of deviled eggs is never turned away at a party. Maybe lingering doubts surround other items on a buffet table, or maybe even a certain guest, but there's never any questions about deviled eggs being welcomed at a gathering. They're invited, and they're probably going to be a hit. But what if you want to surprise guests with the versatility of this traditional favorite? Well, consider this recipe roundup to be the equivalent of buying a new dress for an occasion—we doubt anyone will see them coming.

From deviled eggs topped with basil and pomegranate seeds to others turned pink by pickled beet juice, to even more that have been fried, these deviled eggs are sure to stand out on the buffet line thanks to inventive combinations of flavors and a confident display of colors. And don't think that we left newcomers out of the mix, either. If you haven't yet mastered boiling an egg, we also included an easy recipe for how to get that done, too.

So don't forget to make one of these seven deviled egg recipes when your loved ones are looking to get together. They won't just bring life to your party, they'll be the party.