Cozy Up With One of Our Favorite Down Comforters

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We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve spent a solid portion of the past few months binge-watching in bed. Trust us, we’ve learned a few things, from snack hacks to Netflix’s top content to how no movie night is complete without some extra-cozy bedding to cuddle up in. And there is nothing cozier than a plush, cloud-like down comforter. 

Down comforters are filled with the feathers of ducks or geese, giving them their fluffy feel and appearance while providing superior insulation and warmth. The specific level of warmth of any down comforter is usually determined by its “fill” or “fill power,” which is the amount of down per ounce. Typically, the higher fill, the warmer the comforter. To help everyone level up their snuggle sessions—whether they’re hot sleepers, cold sleepers, or just searching for the fluffiest option—we found the best down comforters that are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Here, the best down comforters on the market.

Snowe Down Comforter

Snowe Down Comforter

This gorgeous comforter has everything sweet dreams are made of. Filled with premium French white down at 750 fill power, it provides that luxurious feeling you would expect from the bedding at a five-star resort. And adding to that plush comfort is a cotton sateen cover toting a 330 thread count. Along with being OEKO-Tex 100 certified—meaning that it's free of harmful substances—this comforter also comes in a range of different levels of warmth. You can choose between the Lightweight version, which is breathable enough for hot sleepers, or the All-Season version, which has 40 percent more fill for extra warmth. 

Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet Insert

If you thought down comforters are too hot for summer, think again. Just choose a down comforter that’s made for warmer weather, like Casper’s Humidity Fighting Duvet insert. Thanks to an innovative layer of merino wool, it helps fight the sweat-inducing, suffocating effects of humidity by wicking away moisture. An 100 percent cotton shell and ethically sourced down filling makes up the rest of this coverlet’s construction. Plus, it’s OEKO-Tex 100 certified, so it’s safe for your family as well as the planet.

Feathered Friends Baffled Box 850 Down Comforter

Feathered Friends Baffled Box 850+ Down Comforter

No fill we found was higher than the 850+ fill power that this comforter from Feathered Friends boasts. (Yes, you read that number right.) The total fill—a luxurious and ethically sourced Eastern European white goose down—depends on which level of warmth you choose. From Medium to the aptly-named Arctic, all of their comforters are warm and insulating. If you live in a colder climate, though, the Ultimate is worth splurging on because it will keep you exceptionally warm all season long. No matter which size or warmth level you select, their comforters all have baffled construction so the down won't shift around.

Brooklinen Lightweight Down Comforter

Brooklinen Lightweight Down Comforter

Those who sleep hot need a down comforter that won’t weigh them, well, down. A blanket that fits the bill is the Brooklinen Lightweight Down Comforter. It's loaded with 600 fill down, which is ethically sourced from a farm in Canada, but it’s surprisingly breathable and light. The cotton sateen shell has a smooth feel and a sewn-through baffle box construction to keep the down evenly distributed. The fabric is even pre-treated with antimicrobials to prevent bacteria growth.

Tuft & Needle Down Duvet Insert

Tuft and Needle Down Duvet Insert

While there’s plenty to like about the changing seasons, it can be a hassle to store several different blankets and comforters to adapt to the seasons. If you want to consolidate what's in your linen closet, opt for a comforter that’s designed to be used year-round, like Tuft and Needle’s Down Duvet Insert. The medium-weight version (a lighter iteration is also available) is perfect for all-season use, thanks to its combo of warm-yet-moisture-wicking down and a breathable cotton shell. Finished with baffle box construction for longterm loftiness, the comforter is also OEKO-Tex 100 certified.

The Company Store LaCrosse Dual Down Comforter

The Company Store LaCrosse Dual RDS Certified Down Comforter

If your partner is a hot sleeper, and find yourself reaching for a second blanket at night (or vice versa), finding the perfect comforter can be a problem. Enter The Company Store's LaCrosse Dual RDS Certified Down Comforter. Each side of this blanket has a different level of warmth to appease couples who have different temperature preferences. Available in a Light/Medium and a Medium/Extra option, the heavier side is differentiated with larger stitched boxes, while the lighter side features smaller ones.

Pacific Coast AllerRest Down Comforter

Pacific Coast AllerRest Down Comforter

If there is one thing that allergy sufferers can attest to, it’s that sneezing and congestion don’t make for a restful night. That’s where Pacific Coast’s AllerRest Down Comforter comes in. It’s designed to minimize allergy symptoms through a special cleaning process and unique fabric weave. The 300 thread count cotton cover has a tight weave that prevents dust, dirt, and more from penetrating the fibers, and the down fill is washed more than five times in mild soap to eliminate harmful allergens. You can also rest easy knowing that this brand has a 30-night comfort guarantee.

L.L. Bean Organic Cotton Down Comforter

Organic Cotton Down Comforter

If buying organic is important to you, we point you in the direction of this Organic Cotton Down Comforter from L.L. Bean. While growing regular cotton can be a chemical-heavy process that has the potential to negatively affect the environment, organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Besides boasting a lower environmental impact, this L.L. Bean comforter is also bursting with a 600 fill down for a comfortable year-round weight, which is kept in place with 12-inch box-stitch construction.

Riley White Goose Down Comforter

Riley White Goose Down Comforter

The Riley White Goose Down Comforter delivers superior warmth for those extra cold nights when you need it the most. Available in an All-Season option, which has a 700 fill power, and Extra-Warm, which boasts an impressive 750 fill, both options are perfectly plush. The down is held in place through baffle box construction on the 100 percent long-staple cotton sateen cover, and the comforter comes with a five-year warranty—so you’re basically guaranteed a super snuggly slumber or your money back!

Pacific Coast SuperLoft Deluxe Comforter

Pacific Coast SuperLoft Deluxe Comforter

If you’re looking for a cloud-like comforter to envelop you at night, the SuperLoft Deluxe Comforter really delivers. It gets its luxurious loftiness from 600 fill white goose down, in addition to strategic pleating in the corners of each box. Pacific Coast completes the design with a 500 thread count, 100 percent cotton cover. And, despite its ultra-fluffy feel, this comforter is appropriate for all seasons (not just winter) for sweet dreams all year round.

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