The 10 Best Dramas on Netflix That'll Let Those Feelings Out

For better or worse, it's no wonder why dramas are so often award-winners. It's true that solid comedies provide necessary humor and endearing romantic flicks can give an escape, but dramas—well, dramas can give permission to feel those dark, loaded feelings that are too easy to tuck away. They may not always fill theaters and they don't often push for frequent re-watches, but dramas are the type of film genre to watch when you're looking to let it out.

We're recommending 10 of the best dramas to watch on Netflix, from recent films that spurred emotion with rich performances like those in Room and The Theory of Everything, as well as older titles with lasting scenes like those from Good Will Hunting and Schindler's List. Obviously, there are many options here that aren't easy to watch, and may perhaps leave you in tears. But maybe that's the point. When films give you the chance to work through tough subjects and experience complicated perspectives, then it's worth all the drama.