These Dried Floral Arrangements Will Stay Beautiful Forever

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Fresh flowers are always a cheerful addition to your home, but unfortunately, they’re not very long-lasting. If you don’t feel like buying new flowers every couple of weeks, it might be time to give dried floral arrangements a try.

Of course, the most significant benefit to dried flowers is that they last pretty much forever—and that's with little to no maintenance. And though they might not be as fragrant as fresh bouquets, they do come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and color palettes to go with the seasons. 

Here, the best dried floral bouquets.

The Bouqs Co. Amethyst Bouquet

The Bouqs Co. Amethyst Bouquet

The Bouqs Co.

Bouqs offers some seriously stunning bouquets and their new collection of dried designs is no exception. Take the Amethyst arrangement, for example, which offers a variety of jewel tones that'll sit pretty in your home.

The bouquet is made with 30 stems and includes a variety of baby's breath, eucalyptus, bunny tails, and orchard grass that make for a textured arrangement. You can purchase a farmhouse-style vase for an additional cost but the deep purple and green stems will work in just about any vase you already own.

Afloral Pink Dried Pampas Grass (Pack of 6)

Dried Pink Pampas Grass

Courtesy of Afloral

For a maximalist look that adds a punch of color and plenty of texture to a room, opt for this dried pampas grass bunch from Afloral. Standing at 22-28 inches tall, these fluffy blades of grass are dyed a bold pink, giving them a ton of artistic flair.

This set comes in a pack of six, so there's room to experiment with styling. Keep them bunched together in a tall vase, or separate them into different arrangements of your own design. Just remember to give them a light shake before you do—they might shed a little bit after shipping. But after that, you can set them and forget them.

UrbanStems The Sanibel

The Sanibel

Courtesy of UrbanStems

When it comes to live flower arrangements, UrbanStems is a go-to for big, beautiful bouquets—but their dried arrangements are just as good. Take the Sanibel, for example, which is a totally full-bodied display in a soft beige and blush palette.

The robust and highly textured arrangement includes natural pampas, bunny tails, fan palms, razor ruscus preserved, and soregum. It’s a busy bouquet for sure, but thanks to the quiet color palette it's sure to stun in any space. Plus, you get a minimalist white ceramic vase with the purchase so you or a lucky recipient can enjoy the bouquet immediately upon arrival.

Idlewild Floral Co. Summer Bouquet

Idlewild Floral Co. Summer Bouquet

At first glance, you might not even notice that this extraordinarily vibrant bouquet by Idlewild Floral Co. isn’t made from fresh flowers—instead, it’s made from a combination of dried and preserved blooms.

The specific components of the bouquet, which measures approximately 20 inches tall, will vary based upon availability, but you can be sure you’ll end up with a showstopper either way. While it's typically sold wrapped in pink floral paper with a silk ribbon, you can also add a white ceramic vase to your order.

Oat Cinnamon Fraise Bouquet

Fraise Bouquet

Courtesy of Oat Cinnamon

If you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, look no further than the arrangements from Oat Cinnamon. These colorful bouquets are bold and fun—but if you see one you like, you'll want to act fast, because they sell out fast.

The Fraise Bouquet is perfect for warmer weather thanks to its cheerful pink color scheme. It's comprised entirely of dried fern stems and bunny tails, and is available in two sizes to ensure you're getting something that'll fit in your space.

Folk Dried Flowers in Amber Glassware

Folk Dried Flowers in Amber Glassware

Vancouver-based home décor shop Folk puts together gorgeous dried floral arrangements, like this little bouquet. The colorful blossoms can be sold with or without an accompanying amber glassware vase, making it easy to style the bouquet just right for your space.

The bouquet is filled with bunny tails, eucalyptus, pink crystal statice, baby's breath, and lavender, in addition to some assorted grasses. The arrangement is about 14 inches tall and offers a more casual look since it’s not overly arranged. With beautiful pastel hues, the bouquet certainly offers some spring cheer—the perfect gift to share with a loved one.

Anthropologie Dried Phoebe Bouquet

Anthropologie Dried Phoebe Bouquet

Sure, sherbet is refreshing, but have you ever seen this gorgeous bouquet from Anthropologie? The Phoebe arrangement includes shades of pastel pink, soft peach, and pure ivory hues, and the entire bouquet is made from 32-inch tall dried phalaris grass known for its tufted tips.

While a single order comes with enough stems to create a standalone bouquet that would look perfect in a tall, cylindrical vase, you can also take the individual pieces and incorporate them into your own arrangement. And while sherbet might remind you of summer, the Phoebe Bouquet will look perfect in any setting throughout the entire year.

East Olivia The Colleen

East Olivia The Colleen

The Colleen floral arrangement from East Olivia has a fresh flower look thanks to its greenery, but it’s all a trick of the eye, as it's made entirely from dried flowers and grasses. More specifically, it comprises sun spear, congo grass, painted gypsophila, miscanthus, upright amaranthus, troll hair, and bunny tails for a highly textured display.

The 14-inch stems are delivered to customers in a simple white vase—all you have to do to display the bouquet is simply open up the package and stick it on your shelf or console table.