Save Your Money: Dermatologists Say These Are the 10 Best Drugstore Moisturizers

I love Sephora as much as the next woman. And those pink Glossier bags? I reuse them, too. But as high-end and brand-forward as these two outposts are, there's something to be said for the pleasures of perfecting a skincare routine at the drugstore. Sure, it's not lit to illuminate products like jewels, and there are no free samples, but some products—like drugstore moisturizers—can often outperform their more expensive competitors. All it takes are the right ingredients.

"Moisturizers don't have to be fancy or expensive," Jennifer Herrmann, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, says. In fact, as long as they have ceramides and hyaluronic acid, they'll keep skin looking dewy. "Ceramides are found in the skin barrier and help repair it while hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning that it binds water," she continues.

Herrmann's colleague, dermatologist Jenna Queller, agrees. In her view, occlusives and emollients are worthwhile components as well. "Occlusives, like Vaseline, act as a barrier and lock moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated," she says, noting that they're best used on the body. "Emollients, which are usually oil-based, fill in the spaces in the skin to create a smooth surface."

Is there anything else you should know? Queller suggests choosing a moisturizer for your skin type—for instance, look for an oil-free moisturizer if you tend to break out—and Herrmann adds that it's best for sensitive skin types to steer clear of fragrances. But since it's hard to know exactly which type of moisturizer to grab before heading to the magazine aisle, we asked these two doctors to recommend their favorites. Here are the 10 best drugstore moisturizers to buy when you're stretching your dollars beyond Sephora.