The 15 Drugstore Products a Beauty Editor Buys on Repeat

A few years ago, when I was new to the Byrdie editorial team, I did an experiment where I wore exclusively drugstore makeup for a week. Then a self-proclaimed "brand snob" (I was 24, so please don't judge me), I was pitifully unfamiliar with how amazing many affordable products can be. Since then, I have let go of my snobbery, willing to try any skincare, makeup, or haircare product with a formulation that intrigues me, and though I've encountered my fair share of flops over the years, I've also amassed a collection of affordable go-tos that I'll continue to buy and love until the day I die or (goddess forbid) until they're discontinued.

The following 15 drugstore beauty products, from an $8 brow gel to a $7 cleanser to a $3 hair mask, stand up to products five times the price. Curious to see what one drugstore-obsessed beauty editor claims are the best of the bunch? Just keep scrolling.

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