The $11 Drugstore Buy a Dermatologist Uses to Treat Eczema

Updated 02/20/18

Anyone with eczema knows that it tends to rear its ugly head in the wintertime—red, itchy, and irritated skin thrives in the dry air and bitter cold temperatures. As a refresher, eczema is an inflammatory skin condition in which "the skin barrier is not working as well as it should be, so the skin develops microscopic cracks, loses hydration, and becomes inflamed," dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, told Women's Health.

Dermatologist Evan Rieder, MD, adds that the artificial dyes included in most lotions, like Yellow 5 and Red 40, can actually cause an adverse reaction. Instead, he recommends Dove Dermaseries Eczema Relief Soothing Body Lotion ($11 on Amazon). "It's great for instantly relieving dry, itchy, inflamed skin," he adds. "The hypoallergenic-, steroid-, and fragrance-free formula is perfect for daily use and is clinically proven to reduce the intensity and frequency of itchy episodes."

Generally speaking, other products containing tried-and-true ingredients like petroleum jelly and mineral oil are usually a safe bet, since they create a protective seal over the affected areas and lock in hydration. The publication recommends making sure any given product has the seal of approval from the National Eczema Association before purchasing—this essentially means that the product lacks the ingredients irritating to people with eczema.

Head over to Women's Health for more dermatologist-approved eczema products, and shop their top pick below.

Dove Derma Series Eczema Relief Soothing Body Lotion $11

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