15 Egg Recipes That Put My Sunny-Side Up to Shame

Your breakfast classics just got a serious upgrade

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I want to make an argument for the under-appreciation of eggs. Full of protein, versatile in method, and always deeelish, I will no longer overlook them as overplayed. While I’m still working on perfecting my boil, the food bloggers of the internet gift us with impressive egg dishes you’ll be serving up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. See here, 15 egg recipes that put my sunny-side-up to shame.

Whether you’re looking to boost your breakfast game, or need some new weekday lunches brimming with health benefits, these options will allow you to reminisce about your favorite childhood dishes and make room for some seriously fresh food innovations, like hash brown pie crust. Read on for new go-to menu items your whole family will love.

For Breakfast


The Recipe: Eggs Benedict Casserole Recipe
The Hero Ingredient:
What pairs better with eggs than savory ham? This classic combo sets the stage for all the nostalgic flavors of your favorite brunch order, eggs Benedict, complete with English muffin bits.
Pro Tip: This hollandaise sauce is made in a blender, and Jennifer Sattley of Carlsbad Cravings assures you it’s so tasty and easy to make, you will “Never go back to the stovetop method.”
Why We Love It: This is the perfect weekend breakfast to throw together for your crew or if you have extra house guests. It’s sure to please.


The Recipe: Ham and Cheese Breakfast Enchiladas
The Hero Ingredient:
I’m a big fan of the use of tater tots in this breakfast recipe. They add a little extra crispy crunch and an unexpected twist to the traditional Mexican dish.
Pro Tip: To make this recipe freezer-friendly for later use, Sattley says to substitute “the creamy sauce with either red or green enchilada sauce.”
Why We Love It: This one is technically a breakfast recipe, but it will make amazing leftovers for lunch, dinner, and breakfast again.


The Recipe: Breakfast Tostadas with Cumin-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
The Hero Ingredient:
When it comes to big flavor, the spices of this morning dish are the true hero ingredients. Cumin, ground ancho chile, and coriander create a diverse palate of spice and excitement amongst the potatoes and a fried egg.

Pro Tip: While the original recipe calls for Manchego cheese, Heidi Larsen of Foodie Crush opts for Cojita, it’s similar to feta, “salty and chunky.”
Why We Love It: There are so many layers of deliciousness to this otherwise simple dish. While it’s easy to throw together, the impressiveness lies more in the variety of flavors.


The Recipe: Ultimate King Salmon Scrambled Eggs and King Salmon, Edamame Bean, and Avo Slaw
The Hero Ingredient:
The use of edamame in this egg dish is what takes it from a bagel and lox to a modern take on a traditional Japanese breakfast.
Pro Tip: This is a great way to get your protein first thing in the morning; the eggs and salmon are full of protein and healthy fats that’ll keep you going through the day.
Why We Love It: Whether you throw this on a bagel, or in a bowl, treat yourself to this special dish, even if it’s breakfast for one.


The Recipe: Drippy Eggs with Asparagus French Toast Grilled Cheese Soldiers
The Hero Ingredient:
Asparagus French toast grilled cheese might be a mouthful, but you'll learn, it's also a tummy-full. It’s salty and savory and dripping in warm melted cheese.
Pro Tip: To achieve that perfect golden-brown, Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest advises you “cook for 3-5 minutes per side.”
Why We Love It: Soft boiled eggs, also known as drippy eggs, are the breakfast of our childhood, so naturally, we're over the moon to see this delicious remix.

For Lunch


The Recipe: Spring Nicoise Salad
The Hero Ingredient:
We love this vegetarian take on a classic Nicoise salad. The green beans, asparagus, and olives are all traditional ingredients, but you can easily customize this with your favorite veggies.
Pro Tip: Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats prompts you to cook your potatoes until they're soft to add “unexpected texture,” amongst an otherwise crunchy salad.
Why We Love It: Because this salad is so easy to improvise, it never gets old, you could eat it seven days of the week.


The Recipe: Deviled Eggs
The Hero Ingredient:
The key to a perfected deviled egg is the herbs chosen. This one calls for chives, flat Italian parsley, and dill--a classic recipe for success.
Pro Tip: Before adding the egg filling to the eggs, Chelsea Lords of Chelsea’s Messy Apron prompts you to taste test. If too salty, boil more eggs and remake the mixture “without salt.” Then combine the two to dilute the saltiness.
Why We Love It: Deviled eggs are a great snack that can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. If it’s looking like lunch on the go, grab a few of these to take with you.


The Recipe: Quiche Lorraine
The Hero Ingredient:
The highlights of quiche Lorraine are the level of cheesiness, salty bacon, and of course the perfect crumbly pie crust. This recipe has it all.
Pro Tip: The secret to ensuring your pie crust doesn’t go soggy is baking the crust first, without the filling, according to Lords.
Why We Love It: The French turn to quiche Lorraine for any and all meals; personally, I love it as a warm lunch that’s super easy to freeze and heat per meal.


The Recipe: The Ultimate Potato Salad
The Hero Ingredient:
This potato salad calls for eggs (a classic) and asparagus (a contemporary twist). Together, the earthy taste of the greens plays nicely with the creamy eggs.

Pro Tip: Stay away from soft or flaky potatoes by keeping them firm in the cooking process, says Sarah Tuck of Stuck in the Kitchen. Doing so will keep the satisfaction in every large bite.
Why We Love It: Potato salad is one of our summer go-to’s, and we love an update to the (often not-so-healthy) traditional recipe. This is one you'll want to keep on repeat this summer.


The Recipe: Scotch Eggs
The Hero Ingredient:
This Scotch egg calls for a quail egg instead of the expected chicken. Wrapped in sausage, this is a decadent savory snack.
Pro Tip: The easiest way to eat these is to let them cool then serve with cocktail picks.
Why We Love It: This bite-sized meal probably got its start as an hors d'oeuvre at an 80s’ dinner party, but I’d chow down on two of these as a satisfying side to my lunch.

For Dinner


The Recipe: Twice Baked Mexican Sweet Potatoes with Eggs
The Hero Ingredient:
Taco seasoning and fresh cilantro take this from regular baked potato to an unforgettable dinner option. The gooey baked egg is the metaphorical cherry on top.
Pro Tip: Don’t skimp on the cherry tomatoes that Taylor Kiser of Food Faith Fitness promises will add “a little pop of freshness.”
Why We Love It: I love that nothing about this recipe is expected, even down to the use of sweet potato. Your family will be thanking you for this one.


The Recipe: Zucchini Noodles with Pesto Fried Eggs
The Hero Ingredient:
This paleo dinner focuses on the ever-delicious everything pesto. Sounds fancy, but it’s only a handful of ingredients thrown into your food processor. The lemon, pine nuts, and basil immediately transport you to Italy.
Pro Tip: Keep your egg yolks runny for a more satisfying effect.
Why We Love It: This recipe is incredibly simple—trust me it will shock you. Keep it close for mid-week dinners when your brain is checked out, but your stomach is hungry.


The Recipe: Grilled Potato Salad with Almond Basil Chimichurri and 7-Minute Eggs
The Hero Ingredient:
The creamy almond butter is an unexpected but welcome ingredient. Balanced out by the onions, chives, basil, and cilantro, you’re set up for serious culinary success.
Pro Tip: This recipe can be served hot or cold, but Gerard prefers those “hot potatoes right off the grill.”
Why We Love It: Next time your family requests breakfast for dinner, hit them with this.


The Recipe: Asparagus Quiche with Hash Brown Crust
The Hero Ingredient:
Three words: hash brown crust. It’s the ideal crispy, salty vessel to host the eggs, asparagus, and cheese.
Pro Tip: To reheat this quiche, How Sweet Eats lets us in on a little secret: throw it on the skillet. That gives it a bit of a crisper effect.
Why We Love It: We love how creative this meal is. Everyone will love the playful crust, while the interior of the quiche is grown up. All it’s missing is a little dash of hot sauce.


The Recipe: Shirred Eggs with Leeks
The Hero Ingredient:
These eggs are all dressed up with some delicious veggies. Peppers, leeks, and chives make for an excellent lightweight summer dinner.
Pro Tip: “Serve warm with crusty bread,” notes The Modern Proper’s, Holly Erickson. Sounds delicious, no?
Why We Love It: This baked egg dish is a special one as the individual plating makes it more intimate.

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