This Is Your Perfect Engagement Ring, According to Your Zodiac

Your engagement ring preference and zodiac sign might seem like two completely unrelated topics, but the two have a surprising connection. MyDomaine’s resident astrologer, Rose Theodora, explains: “Astrology is not separate from you. It’s about who you are. It relates to everything from the colors you gravitate toward to the clothing you choose to wear.”

What could be more deeply personal that an engagement ring? “Engagement rings are so special because they reflect a person’s essence. It’s about choosing a ring that shows who they are, rather than trends that come and go.” If you’re tempted by the ring of the moment and aren’t sure if it’s a passing phase, we asked Theodora to pinpoint the engagement ring styles that are perfectly suited to each zodiac. Yes, according to astrologers there is one style that’s most suited to your personality. Get ready to meet your perfect engagement ring match.