It's Official: This Is the Best Exercise to Get in Shape Fast

Let's face it: When your schedule is packed with meetings and social commitments, it can be hard to prioritize exercise. We know it's a crucial part of a healthy routine, but finding extra time to hit the gym can be tough. If you're strapped for time, science says one workout will provide the best results: boxing. 

The Economist poured over statistics from the British Heart Foundation, Sports and Fitness Industry Association, and other sources to discover which exercises burn the most calories. Boxing took the top spot as the most energy-sapping, vigorous workout. The study found that just 30 minutes of energetic boxing burns almost 500 calories. Intriguingly, canoeing came in at number two. 

If you don't have access to boxing gloves or a canoe, don't worry—running still has some merit. Researchers found that a brisk 30-minute jog burns roughly 430 calories, the equivalent of three cans of Coca-Cola.

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