The 10 Best Eye Creams for Bags, According to a Dermatologist's Expert Advice

Admittedly, I never paid much attention to eye creams in the past. I'm sure I've skimmed a few labels before, but not a single one has ever made it into my medicine cabinet—let alone my skincare routine. That is, until this year, when I turned 30. And it's funny because that's exactly when Ronald Moy of MFC Dermatology says that the skin begins to shift.

"We are all born with an optimal amount of DNA repair enzymes that repair skin," he says. "After the age of 30, the amount of DNA repair enzymes goes down, requiring supplementation with topical DNA repair enzymes to prevent skin aging."

Bags can form under eyes as skin thins and loosens, and even though it's normal, it also doesn't feel all that great (take it from my personal experience). Thankfully, Moy says that ingredients like Growth Factor can boost collagen and stimulate stem cells while DNA repair enzymes can help rebuild damaged skin and hydrate it.

"All results take about nine weeks to see, but you should notice an improvement in the tightening of this the area, which is most commonly recognized as looking 'less tired,'" he notes.

Below, Moy recommends 10 eye creams to help treat the appearance of bags. He adds that they should be applied morning and night, after using a cleanser and a serum. If you're like me, it's welcome advice for a part of growing older that can be tricky to navigate.