7 Best Eyebrow Growth Serums That Really Work, According to Online Reviews

There's something so tribal about the sisterhood of female friendships. We love to support one another in every way possible, and this extends to the products we use, too. Most women are likely to share the secrets behind their glowing skin or Instagram-ready makeup with their friends, and buy other finds based on peer-to-peer recommendations. 

Since we all take time to experiment with different moisturizers, eye shadows, and the like, this common exchange is simply a kind way to pay it forward. And in the same way you'd ask another woman about her lipstick shade, we're all about asking her how she made her eyebrows look so full, too. But if you don't get the chance to do it in person, there's another route we love: online reviews.

Thanks to women who took the time to leave online comments on Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon, we found seven of the best eyebrow serums to try for yourself.