The Best Fabrics to Wear to an Interview, According to Fashion Editors


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Interviews take a considerable amount of planning as it is, let alone setting aside time to put together the right outfit. From researching the company to updating your résumé and practicing sample questions, it's highly likely you already have a zillion things on your mind pre-interview. Since we know you might be feeling a touch of stress from all the planning (and maybe some nerves, too), we put together a guide to the best fabrics for an interview that you'll find helpful.

If you're heading out to do some shopping for the perfect interview ensemble, you'll want to commit the following four fabrics to memory. On the other hand, if you're assessing your current wardrobe, this is a great place to start. We handpicked each of these four fabrics for their high quality and elevated look that will no doubt translate into an outfit that's sure to impress. Sure, fabrics like silk and crepe aren't often found at the most affordable retailers, but we stand behind them as investment-worthy staples you'll wear to this interview and hopefully to your future job for years.

Curious to discover the best fabrics for an interview and what makes each one so good? Keep reading to find out the four fabrics topping our list and shop our picks of each.