These Face Mask Chains Are the Must-Have Accessory of the Year

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Who knew that mask chains would become the must-have accessory of the year? These lanyard-like circlets are clipped onto the straps of your face mask to keep it securely around your neck whenever you need to remove it, so it's not sitting in your pocket or on a table. With a wide range of styles available, they’ll give your favorite necklace a run for its money and make a medical necessity actually pretty stylish. 

Crafted from materials like colorful beads, metallic links, delicate pearls, and more, mask chains can be customized to suit your personal style, or even to match your favorite outfit. Consider yourself a minimalist? There are delicate chains for you. Or, if a classic and vintage aesthetic is more your thing, focus your search on chunky statement-making pieces.

Below, the face mask chains that make keeping yourself and others safe oh-so chic.

Lele Sadoughi Face Mask Chain

Lele Sadoughi Face Mask Chain

If you were strutting down the runway as opposed to hurrying down the grocery store aisle, this would probably still be the face mask chain you'd reach for. Designed by Lele Sadoughi, it features a French hook closure to conveniently carry your mask (or glasses). But what’s really unique here is that two-toned acrylic construction—the large-link chain alternates between shades of inky black and a frosted tortoiseshell pattern for a modern, stylish effect.

Sequin x Pretty Connected Charm & Mask Chain Set

Charm and Mask Chain Set

For something that’s more like a stunning necklace than face mask accessory, check out this charm and mask chain set collaborated on by Sequin and Pretty Connected. The iron chain features gleaming gold plating and thick links for a beautifully bold statement, but the star of the show are the four unique charms that you can choose from to personalize your chain. Options include a crescent moon that’s dotted with Swarovski crystals, a golden elephant, a crystallized evil eye, or a pillar charm with Swarovski starbursts. 

Majestic Encounters Golden Star Chain Mask Holder

Golden Star Chain Mask Holder

Prepare to be positively starry-eyed over this gorgeous, gleaming face mask chain. Made up of pretty petite stars and traditional links, the gold chain securely holds your mask in place or around your neck with a pair of lobster clasps. And if you prefer a silver-toned chain, there’s an option for that too. Now please excuse me as I wish upon a star for a halfway pleasant 2021...  

MM Jewellery Crystal Mask Chain

Clear Crystal Mask Chain

The clear crystal beads that make up this circlet are totally enchanting! Not only are they delicate and regal-looking, but they're also incredibly versatile, and will go with whatever you happen to be wearing. This mask chain comes with both stainless steel lobster clasps and silicone holders (so the chain can be used to hold your glasses, too), and is available in a range of lengths so you can choose the one best suited to your preferences.

J.B.W. Personalized Mask Chain

Personalized Mask Chain

This mask chain gets personal: Not only is it just plain pretty with tiny rose gold glass beads and dainty pearls, but it can also be customized with letter beads. That special feature makes this a perfect present for just about anyone on your list (including yourself). Customize it with their name, initials, or a meaningful word, throw in a new cute cloth mask, and wrap it all up for an easy-peasy (and timely!) present. 

Heartmade Gold Satellite Mask Chain

Gold Satellite Mask Chain

For a stunningly simple face mask chain, check out this Etsy find. Crafted from 18k plated gold, it feels luxurious yet understated with a series of satellite beads among the petite links. The high-quality chain—which measures around 23 to 24 inches in length—won’t tarnish or change colors, and you can attach the matching gold lobster clasps to your mask straps to keep it close as you go about your day.

Miami Mask Chains Safety First Mask Chain

Safety First Mask Chain

Courtesy of Miami Mask Chains, this very cool option consists of a series of safety pin links for an edgy and modern look. Available in silver and gold tones, the lightweight chain won’t weigh down your mask and the secure clasps will allow you to repurpose it as a necklace in the future. Depending on which hue you choose, the chain is crafted from either silver and 18k gold-plated brass or 18k gold and silver-plated brass.

Second Wind Detachable Cuban Link Chain

Gunmetal Cuban Link Chain

You know what’s cool? Protecting yourself and others by wearing a mask. You know what’s even cooler? Wearing a mask with an edgy, trendy chain like this baby. The metallic beaut features a cool gunmetal shade that'll contrast nicely with your mask, while the size of the Cuban-style links (which clock in at 4mm) are totally striking. Don’t worry about any extra weight hanging from around your neck, though—this chain is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

BaubleBar MYO Mask Chain

MYO Mask Chain

You'll be wearing your mask chain all the time after all, so obviously you want your new signature accessory to be just right. So why not whip up your own? This kit from BaubleBar lets you play designer and create up to two totally customizable mask chains. It includes letter beads, evil eyes, seed beads, gold pisa beads, pretty pearls, and millifore beads, plus gold-plated brass lobster clasps and a spool of string so you have everything you need to get creative.

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