Beyond Harry Potter—10 of the Best Fantasy Book Series

When I was in the third grade, my teacher began reading the Harry Potter series to us out loud in class every day. I was enthralled by the story of someone ordinary transported to another world and asked to do extraordinary things. I later went on to read the whole series and watch the movies, but I've always been curious: What are some of the other best fantasy book series beyond J.K. Rowling's masterpiece saga? I'm assuming, since you're reading this, that you too love the feeling of being whisked away to another time and place via a book, so I figure it won't hurt if I find another series that will do the same for me.

In fact, the MyDomaine team looked high and low to find the answer to that question: What fantasy book series should every adult add to their bookshelf? While all of them aren't as PG as Harry Potter, they aren't lacking the in-depth plots, character development, andsolid dose of magic. Keep reading to see our top picks, and then check them out for yourself. Prepare to leave reality behind. (And once you're finished with these fantasy book series, start on the best memoirs out there.)