These Are the Best Fashion Schools in Australia

Updated 06/21/17
Sandra Semburg

Does a Net-a-Porter sale get you feeling like you could have a mini fashion stroke if you don't get the pair of Givenchy mules you've been eyeing off all season? Fashion school may be for you. While fashionable "capitals" are mostly considered to be overseas, Australia is actually a leading country in the industry due to the talent we have produced over the past few years. And it's all down to the educational advances that are given to students and how the local fashion industry is paving the way for new talent to come through.

From atelier-style classes, to industry training and end-of-year runway shows, fashion schools have changed the way students are learning, and in turn, Australians are producing amazing brands that have gone on to flourish internationally. So, whether you're looking for a change in career, a side hustle, or a way to simply expand your love of fashion and creativity, MyDomaine Australia has found the best fashion schools just for you.

Read on to turn your passion into a career and start creating.

Fashion Design Studio (FDS)

Course: The Bachelor of Fashion Design

Location: Sydney

Duration: Three years 

What to expect: Considered one of the top 50 fashion schools in the world, FDS is a leader in the industry, taking a hands-on, fast-paced learning approach to ensure the best outcome for students. This course touches on technical and business skills alike, and has the option to complete a fourth year of study overseas to gain an International Degree qualification. Graduates include Akira Isogawa, Nicky Zimmermann, and Dion Lee—sign up now.

Whitehouse Institute of Design

Course: Bachelor of Design 

Locations: Melbourne and Sydney

Duration: Two years

What to expect: The Whitehouse Institute of Design is highly regarded at the forefront of the fashion industry, honing in on creative talent and seeing students do great things post-graduation. The course focuses on innovative design with commercial design underpinnings, and covers a wide range of skills required to be successful in the industry.

Elizabeth Bence School of Fashion

Course:  Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology

Location: Sydney

Duration: Two years

What to expect: The Elizabeth Bence School of Fashion provides training in design from development to the production. Hailing from fashion schools in Paris, Elizabeth Bence is hands-on in teaching in the atelier-style environment. For this course, think pattern making plus design technology—oh, and did we mention it's French girl friendly?

Australian Institute of Creative Design

Course: Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising

Locations: Brisbane and Gold Coast

Duration: One and a half years

What to expect: The Australian Institute of Creative Design is a school for the artistic types, "where creative people become creative professionals". The course provides training on business and design outcomes, plus the skills to work in management roles—your gateway into a fashionable high-powered career.

FBI fashion college

Course: Fashion Design

Location: Sydney

Duration: 18 months

What to expect: FBI Fashion College was one of the first fashion business colleges, making a name for itself in the creative industry. This course is a practical study, which includes a masterclass, and end-of-year presentation of a fashion parade that means you may be "discovered" early on.

RMIT University

Course: Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology

Location: Melbourne

Duration: Two years 

What to expect: RMIT is a top Melbourne university and specialises in design and technology. This course is perfect for those who want to learn about everything from development down to the technology of fashion.


Course: Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles

Location: Sydney

Duration: Three years 

What to expect: UTS is a leading technology university with a reputation of providing extensive research and contacts with industry professionals. This course gives the skills to transform its students' visions into compelling creative statements. Internationally recognised, this is for the traveller in you.

The Fashion Institute

Course: Diploma of Business

Location: Sydney

Duration: One year

What to expect: The Fashion Institute offers a unique approach to learning with industry leaders frequently taking over classes and giving students the best chance at succeeding. The course gives students great experience in the fashion business sectors. Hello, working for international brands.

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