How to Decorate Like Our Favorite Female Leads

Jillian Knox Finley

We’re constantly taking design cues from the silver screen. Cinema routinely doles out inventive and nostalgic set pieces from every decade and bygone era rife with serious interior inspiration. We're of the mind that the proper company is enough to improve upon any scene. And our favorite on-screen female characters want to prove us right. Brimming with charisma, adventurous style interpretations, and larger-than-life bursts of personality—they possess all the qualities we look for in home décor. Allow us to introduce you to our top most emulated icons. Drumroll, please…

From Holly Golightly, Truman Capote’s enigmatic Texas girl–turned–New York socialite in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the unrivaled adorableness of Woody Allen’s forever crush Annie Hall, the gang's all here. To celebrate this killer lineup of modern muses, we've assembled a range of choice décor musts in their honor. Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all. It's so fetch.

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