The 12 Best Flatware Sets (No Matter Your Budget)

When it comes to everyday dining, flatware can be somewhat of an afterthought. Many of us started with a first-apartment starter set and never upgraded, or we've moved around and mixed sets with roommates, making the utensils drawer even more of a melting pot. If this sounds all too familiar and you think it might be time for an upgrade, it's time to snag a brand new flatware set.

When looking for a good flatware set, prioritize material and durability. Stainless steel sets age better and last longer. Look out for the 18/10 mark that signifies 18% chromium and 10% nickel used in the steel composition. The lower the ratio of nickel used, the higher the propensity for corrosion and rusting. Make sure the flatware set you end up buying is dishwasher friendly, feels heavy in weight, comfortable to use, and pairs well with your table décor theme. Lastly, if you're splurging on a pricey flatware set, save that to show off during the holiday season or at dinner parties and snag a cheaper set for everyday use.

To make the task of finding the perfect flatware set for you (no matter how big or small your budget), we handpicked 12 of the best flatware sets out there. Bon appétit. 

Mepra Fantasia Color Flatware

Mepra Fantasia Color Flatware Set $78

Add a hint of color to your table with this chic Italian flatware set. And if you want to go all out, pair the set with bright colored or patterned dinnerware.

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Arezzo Flatware

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Arezzo Flatware $52

This copper flatware set will give your table a warm, welcoming hue. It also takes the idiom "fit for a king" to a whole new level.

CB2 Two-Toned Flatware Set

CB2 20-Piece Pin Tumbled Two-Tone Flatware Set $109

This classy 20-piece set from CB2 in a brushed gold and silver finish dresses up your dinner table, making everyday meals an exciting affair.

Alessi Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Alessi KnifeForkSpoon Stainless Steel Flatware Set $49

If you love upscale yet minimal cutlery, this flatware set from Alessi is for you. Bonus points for the beautifully shaped oval spoons.

Design Within Reach Almoco Flatware

Design Within Reach Almoco Flatware $215

This matte black flatware set from Design Within Reach is incredibly chic and will last you a lifetime. If you love a good contrast, pair it with stark white dinnerware.

Farmhouse Pottery Flatware

Farmhouse Pottery American-Made Woodstock Flatware $48

Modern farmhouse lovers will adore this rustic USA-made flatware set from Farmhouse Pottery.

CB2 Shiny Silver Flatware

CB2 20-Piece Stiletto Shiny Silver Flatware Set $70

We love this ultra-skinny flatware set from CB2 for an eye-catching contemporary look. Picture stabbing a piece of potato with that sleek and shapely fork. Enticing, isn't it?

Mepra Linea Flatware

Mepra Linea 5-Piece Flatware Place Setting $194

Give your table a dramatic air with this shiny black Italian flatware set.

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware
Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware $36

For a truly classic look, opt for Anthropologie's Rediscovered flatware set, which features mismatched antique pieces.

Snowe Classic Flatware

Snowe Classic Flatware $252

For good-quality everyday classic flatware, this set from Snowe is ideal.

Matte Black Flatware

West Elm Matte Black Flatware $39 $31

This minimalist matte black flatware set from West Elm is just what your modern table might be missing.

Anthropologie Doma Flatware

Anthropologie Doma Flatware $98

Looking to bring the bling to your dinner table? This gold Anthropologie flatware is shiny and dainty—just like the jewelry of your table.

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