Our 10 Favorite Flavored Vodkas Right Now

From sweet to savory, these flavored vodkas are a must.

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Whether straight up, on the rocks or in a cocktail, flavored vodkas are still very much a favorite among drinkers. They can be sweet, savory and even herbaceous. At times, the flavors carefully chosen by distillers are outlandish and other times they're near perfect. Although aged spirits like whiskey are certainly having their moment in the boozy spotlight, flavored vodkas are still very much a favorite among mixologists, amateur drinkers and all the sippers in between. From a pomegranate selection to a cucumber and mint variety, these flavored vodkas are more than worthy of a spot on your bar cart.

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Ciroc Summer Colada

Bottle of Ciroc Summer Colada.
Ciroc Summer Colada $28

A pina colada in vodka form, Ciroc Summer Colada is truly a taste of summer, but one that can be enjoyed year-round. Serving as one of nearly a dozen flavored vodkas from Ciroc, Ciroc Summer Colada is a blend of coconut, pineapple and other natural flavors. Although this vodka is sweet enough to be enjoyed alone, it can be used to make a near limitless number of tropics-inspired cocktails, even a vodka-centric pina colada.

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Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint

Bottle of Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint.
Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint $18

A more sophisticated take on flavored vodka, Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint is distilled with real botanicals and gets its flavor from the infusion of natural fruit essences. This is an ideal option for those in search of a vodka flavor that isn't overpoweringly sweet. The Ketel One Botanical line also includes Grapefruit & Rose and Peach & Orange Blossom.

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Grey Goose Le Citron

Bottle of Grey Goose Le Citron vodka.
Grey Goose Le Citron $26

Crafted with what Grey Goose declares is "the world's finest lemons," Grey Goose Le Citron is a premium option for those who prefer their vodkas with a touch of citrus. To infuse their vodka with flavor, Grey Goose uses essential oils from lemons that are sourced from the Menton region of France. Opt for this vodka when trying to craft the perfect, citrus-inspired craft cocktail.

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Svedka Rosé Vodka

Bottle of Rosé Vodka.
Svedka Rosé Vodka $20

These days, there's certainly no shortage of rosé-flavored vodkas, but there are few that are done right. Among the vodka brands that have managed to successfully hop on this latest trend in spirits is Svedka Vodka with their Svedka Rosé Vodka. Blended with rosé wine, Svedka Rosé Vodka flaunts a rosy hue and is perfect for whipping up a refreshing glass of frosé.

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Heritage Distilling Co. Lavender Flavored Vodka

Bottle of lavender vodka.
Heritage Distilling Co. Lavender Flavored Vodka $13

Feeling floral? Care for a cocktail that's as much much garden-to-glass as it is tasty? If so, Heritage Distilling Co. Lavender Flavored Vodka is a worthy choice. In addition to a floral fragrance, this vodka is pleasantly heavy on the vanilla, mint, and woodsy undertones.

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Belvedere Vodka Ginger Zest

Bottle of vodka.
Belvedere Vodka Ginger Zest $30

Authentic, real flavors are precisely what you'll get with Belvedere Vodka Ginger Zest. Belvedere uses real spices and fruits to create their blends, one of which includes Ginger Zest. The spicy, zesty flavor found in Belvedere Vodka Ginger Zest can be attributed to the extraction of fragrant essences from pure Chinese ginger, Spanish lemons and south African grapefruit. 

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EFFEN Vodka Black Cherry

Bottle of vodka.
EFFEN Vodka Black Cherry $25

Despite notes of both vanilla and black cherry, EFFEN Vodka Black Cherry is a flavored vodka that is far from cloying sweet. The balance of flavors is likely due to the vodka's lack of glycerin or additional sugars, making EFFEN Vodka Black Cherry perfect on the rocks or in a craft cocktail. 

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Frankly Organic Pomegranate Vodka

Bottle of pomegranate vodka.
Frankly Organic Pomegranate Vodka $20

Frankly Organic is a spirit that prides itself in being organic, a decision that was made to create a better tasting product. And their Pomegranate Vodka is absolutely brimming with organic goodness. In addition to pomegranate, there's lemon, turmeric, ginger, maca and even coconut sugar. 

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1911 Established Cold Brew Coffee Vodka

1911 vodka
1911 Established Cold Brew Coffee Vodka $30

It's no secret that cold brew coffee is a new favorite among coffee lovers and even those not so keen on getting their caffeine kick. Taking advantage of the trend, 1911 Established has crafted their own Cold Brew Coffee Vodka using locally roasted cold brew coffee. The deep brown spirit boasts notes of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon.

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Absolut Juice Apple

absolut apple juice
Absolut Juice Apple $23

For flavored vodka fans looking for a little less bite, Absolut has released a new line of vodkas they've dubbed Absolut Juice. The new line is made using actual fruit juice and natural flavors. One of the standouts from the line is Absolut Juice Apple, which is reminiscent of a ripened apple in both aroma and taste. 

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