Forget Medicine—These 5 Foods Naturally Prevent a Cold


Julia Hoersch/StockFood

January and February mark the height of cold and flu season, disrupting the lives of more than 20% of Americans who are forced to stay home, rest, and recover. If you don't have time to get sick (who does?) there are a number of natural measures you can take to boost your immunity and improve your health. 

Don't wait until the first symptoms show. According to Health, stocking your fridge with certain foods might be all it takes to reduce your chances of catching the common cold, and avoid an ill-timed sick day. From red peppers to yogurt, studies suggest these nutrient-dense foods could be the best natural approach to staying healthy all winter. 

Stock up on these five foods to naturally prevent or fight a cold. 



1. Red peppers: Forget oranges—boost your nutrient intake with a red pepper, which contains 150 milligrams of vitamin C. 

2. Anise seeds: The star-like seeds have antibacterial properties that could clear congestion. 

3. Chicken: According to Health, the protein found in chicken helps the body build antibodies and fend off infections.

4. Oily fish: Omega-3–rich salmon and tuna are believed to help reduce inflammation. 

5. Yogurt: Probiotics aid digestion and could help prevent stomach ailments. 

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