Follow This Shopping List for the Best Skin of Your Life (No Matter Your Age)

By now, you probably know what happens to your skin when your diet goes astray. We learned the hard way in high school that a late-night pizza indiscretion could result in next-day zits, but according to dermatologists, that's not the only food to be wary of if you want great, glowing skin.

Sure, we're a little older and hopefully wiser now, but it turns out that a ton of common foods and drinks might be the root cause of a dull complexion and even premature lines. Here, we tapped dermatologists Rachel Nazarian, MD, FAAD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group, and Debra Luftman, a Simple Skincare advisory board member, to find out how to improve your skin (and your health) with a few smart food swaps.

Scrap your shopping list: This is exactly what dermatologists eat for next-level glowing skin.

Have you tried any of these radiance-boosting foods?