These 5 Foods Can Actually Reverse Aging on a Cellular Level

The idea that food can actually stop you from aging sounds like a pipe dream. While it's true that no amount of broccoli or salmon will stop laugh lines from taking up residence around your mouth and eyes, some foods can reportedly prevent or even reverse aging at a cellular level through a process called autophagy. That's according to health expert, entrepreneur, and author of Glow15 Naomi Whittel, who writes, "It's possible to actually eat your way to longevity through a biological process called autophagy," which means "self-eating." "Autophagy allows your cells to eat away damage, keeping you healthy," she says. This process becomes less efficient as we age, resulting in slowed cell function, a sluggish metabolism, and decreased collagen and elastin production. "The good news [is] … there are compounds in certain foods that aid in autophagy, and they are probably already in your kitchen," she explains on Mindbodygreen. Stock up on the following five foods to curb aging from the inside out.