Science Says These 10 Foods Will Improve Your Memory

As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Turns out, it’s very true, especially when it comes to your brain health. In fact, the MIND diet, which focuses on foods that have been shown to keep your brain sharp and help to prevent Alzheimer's disease, is one of the few diets that actually works when it comes to achieving your healthiest self.

So why does what we eat matter so much when it comes to your brain’s functions, such as memory and focus? “Stress, the everyday perils of the modern world, aging, environmental factors, and everything we eat can contribute to inflammation,” explains Monica Auslander, MS, RDN, and founder of Essence Nutrition. “Inflammation releases a cascade of compounds called cytokines and other chemicals throughout the body that can slowly damage brain tissue,” she says. This process is known as oxidative stress or damage. “There's also the concept of the gut/brain axis—that the things we eat can cross the blood/brain barrier and promote disease or fight it in our brains,” she adds. In other words, science shows that your lifestyle choices and what you eat have a direct impact on your brain and how well it works.

Ahead, we spoke with Auslander and two more experts who explain which foods you should load up on if you’re looking to boost your memory and overall brain health, plus why they work.