This Thought-Provoking Movie Genre Will Change Your Life in One Night

To some, foreign films conjure up images of pretentious moviegoers, but we're big fans, so we've compiled a list of films we think will inspire almost anyone to queue up a feature with subtitles. No matter your taste in movies—whether you're a fan of laugh-out-loud comedies, harrowing coming-of-age stories, or epic romances—you'll want to add one of these foreign films to your watch list stat.

Spanning a thought-provoking film about two women navigating their culture's complex traditions to a romantic movie centered around two strangers who are reunited by chance on a plane 10 years after meeting on a train, these are hands down the best foreign films on Netflix right now. Trust us—you're actually going to want to stay in tonight and stream a movie with subtitles after scrolling through this list.