Your Guide to Finding the Best Color to Paint Your Front Door

Want to know the best color to paint your front door? The first step is to step inside. That's because a front door is an exterior reflection of a home's interior design aesthetic—its first impression, if you will. And why not project a little bit of your personal style out to the world? After all, it's no secret first impressions count. 

When it comes to interior design, we tend to take the approach that a home's beauty is on the inside. But the outside still serves a key purpose: to add curb appeal that gives guests and passersby a preview of the home's personality and style. It's time to follow your personal style to your favorite paint color that will make you literally want to shut the front door.

Care to take this outside? Scroll for the best front door colors for a stylish first impression.

Pretty in Pink

The Best Front Door Colors
Alyssa Rosenheck

Hello from the outside. This inspiring midcentury pink door is just the right hue for a design style that's retro, and comes with a little bit of feminine flair. The bright shade hits the sweet spot between bubblegum and blush for a vibe that's Palm Springs perfection.

Not-so-Mellow Yellow

The Best Front Door Colors
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Veneer Designs

This vibrant, happy shade of yellow invites the sunshine (and sunny vibes) in. That's what makes yellow one of my favorite colors. Accessorized with a simple welcome mat and a few hanging plants, this bright door only requires minimal décor to make a big opening statement. 

Orange Crush

The Best Front Door Colors
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

This front door should be all the proof you need to decide that when it comes to doors, orange is the new black. It might be brunch feelings talking, but the bright hue reminds me of a perfect blood-orange mimosa. Needless to say, I've personally got a little orange crush on this one.

Blushing in Black

The Best Front Door Colors
Margaret Wright

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A fresh front door color combination. It doesn't get more classic that a jet-black front door, but in this case, the blush walls give the traditional shade a trendy new twist.

Cool Neutral

The Best Front Door Colors
Tessa Neustadt for Blackband Design

If you feel most at home in neutral territory, you may want to consider going gray. Take this door for example: An earthy gray color sets a relaxing, inviting tone that makes pretty much anyone want to step inside.

Bold and Blue

The Best Front Door Colors
Nikole Ramsay ; DESIGN: Altereco

When you have a clear favorite color, it's a no-brainer to paint your front door with it. And it's hard to beat the cool factor that comes from a vibrant blue front door like this one. The shade is a modern mid-blue that's not too light and not too dark. Best of all, it connects back to the accent colors in other favorite items, like the owner's longboard.

The Real Teal

The Best Front Door Colors
Emily Andrews

With two sets of doors, picking out a color combination depends on figuring out the best way to greet guests at the door. In this case, a lighter, brighter orange on the interior is balanced out by a darker, more saturated shade of teal on the exterior.

Golden Glam

The Best Front Door Colors
Bethany Nauert

This metallic gold door shines bright to welcome guests to L.A.'s Hotel Covell. Against a backdrop of more textured, aged elements like brick walls, it's a chic, smooth, glam touch.

Dark and Handsome

The Best Front Door Colors
Stefani Stein

This is a door we adore. There's something so stylishly simple about a classic black door and frame that reminds us it's time to step up.

Citrus Twist

The Best Front Door Colors
Tara Pearce ; DESIGN: Altereco

For a more colorful approach to creating curb appeal, you can use two or more shades to build a personalized color story between the front door and the exterior of the house. Combining warm citrus tones gives this home an extra zing.

Classic Stripes

The Best Front Door Colors
Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

When selecting a front door color, it's always important to be thoughtful of the surrounding colors and finishes, whether they are brick, wood, or even greenery. And if you're looking to integrate a black door with a white frame, there's no reason why can't split the difference with a few classic black-and-white stripes.

Did any of these front door colors inspire you to reach for your paintbrush? Shop all the colors above here.

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