5 Filling Fruits a Dietitian Swears By for Staying in Shape

Shopping for Fruit

When it comes to eating healthy, there's no need to overcomplicate things. Most nutritionists and dietitians will echo the same advice—whether you're looking to boost your mood, lose weight, or clear your skin. It's all about eating natural, whole foods rather than highly processed ones. Easier said than done, sticking to a simple diet of whole fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins seems to be the most commonly recommended dietary regimen.

While low-carb fads like the ever-popular keto diet may advise you to steer clear of certain fruits due to their high sugar and carb content, there are many fruits that can actually help you reach your health goals. Shauna Sacca, MS, RDN, a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian, recently shared her insights on the healthiest fruits with Popsugar. According to her, you should look for ones that are high in fiber and low in sugar to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Here are five naturally tasty and nutritious fruits to pick up from the farmers market this weekend.


Apple Salad
Half Baked Harvest

Apples are packed with fiber, which helps to keep you satisfied after eating by regulating your blood sugar. The simple fruit really is a perfect midday snack or salad topper.


Orange Jam
Minimalist Baker

Not only are oranges brimming fiber, but they're also packed with water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated plays a major role in how hungry you feel, so snacking on an orange can fill you up and eliminate unnecessary cravings.


Half Baked Harvest

"Melons like honeydew and cantaloupe are great for weight loss because they're high in fiber and lower in sugar," Sacco says. They may taste like a sweet treat, but they're actually an incredibly healthy snack.


Raspberry Bruschetta
The Modern Proper

At nine grams of fiber per cup, raspberries contain more fiber than any other fruit. They're the perfect topping for your morning yogurt or afternoon toast.

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Harissa Dip
The First Mess

Another high-fiber fruit, pomegranates should be a staple of your diet. Sacco suggests buying frozen pomegranate seeds for a quick and easy snack.

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