5 of the Best Furniture Transformations We've Seen on Instagram

living room

Derick McKinney/Unsplash

Child stars and prepubescent teens aren’t the only ones that can glow up, so to speak. Furniture too can be transformed, and Instagram is full of makeovers that are shockingly chic to the point of disbelief. One person's trash really can be another’s treasure, especially when you add new paint and fabric to the mix.

We did some hashtag searching to bring you the best of the best furniture glow ups on Instagram. With any luck, you’ll walk away from this story inspired to tackle a project of your own. Then who knows? Maybe we’ll be sharing your furniture makeover next time around.

This first one comes from Courtney of Steel Birch Studios, and it’s a beauty. She took what looks like a set of builder’s grade kitchen cabinets, propped ‘em up on hairpin legs, and then created a graphic, geometric pattern on the front with painter’s tape and white paint. But she didn’t stop there. She added a fun, peekaboo diamond design on the inside of the cupboard and, of course, a little shine with whimsical metal handles on the front. Now, junk left over from a kitchen remodel is literally a pièce de résistance for a living room or bedroom. And it still works as a functional piece of storage too.

We’ve all seen those cheap metal and glass patio tables at home centers and big box stores. But did you ever think one of those could look this good? A little pink chalk spray paint for the frame and terrazzo contact paper for the tabletop, and Frankie of Lucky Plot 13 got another stylish summer out of what was probably a super cheap score.

If you don’t like the look of your bedside tables, paint them! This makeover from Nicole of The Inspired Hive couldn’t have been easier—you don’t need stencils or anything fancy. A new nightstand is literally a coat (or two) of a fun paint color away. It’s amazing how much of a decorative impact you can make in a bedroom just by tweaking a couple of features. 

This one isn’t for the faint of heart, since it involves the upholstery of a big old sectional. But the u-shaped sofa is starting to trend again, as an offshoot of all the curved silhouettes happening in interiors right now—and it doesn't hut that it’s just a great configuration for conversing. Let this Old Town Upholstery sofa flip—from a dated canary yellow damask to a sharp blue crosshatch fabric—be a reminder that no piece from a thrift store or yard sale is too far gone for a glow up.

And I just might have saved the best for last. People have been painting all sorts of large scale abstract shapes and entire murals on their walls. But the far smarter place to experiment with this trend is on a piece of furniture, where the stakes are even lower because it’s less surface to repaint if you hate it. I’m crushing hard on the two-toned pink half moon shape that Elizabeth of Elizabeth Dot Design painted on this console. It’s no surprise she already sold this piece, but if you find a flat front buffet or dresser, you too can do this. Trust me.

The best part about furniture glow ups? You don’t have to wait years to see them come into fruition. Within a weekend’s time, you can give an old piece new life. So get out there and go for it.

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