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Furniture rental companies have flourished in major metropolitan hubs among the young, mobile professionals they cater to.

These businesses, particularly those that offer rent-to-own programs to distance themselves from the stigma of predatory practices, have hit their stride, pushing aside the companies with lending policies that don’t add up for their renters. Here, we’ve rounded up the best furniture rental companies that not only make sense financially but also offer stylish pieces.

Best Furniture Rental Companies of 2022

Best Variety of Services: Inhabitr



Why We Chose It: Inhabitr offers a range of options, including renting, buying used, and buying new.

What We Like

  • Offers options to rent, buy new, and buy used
  • All purchased used furniture comes with a one-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Small selection of furniture

What’s unique about Inhabitr is that it not only offers furniture rentals, but it also sells both new and used furniture. The website is straightforward in its pricing, listing a furniture item’s rental cost per month, cost to buy used, and cost to buy new upfront. It also offers a graph of how much an item may cost if a renter decides to buy after or during their rental term, with the number of months’ rent already paid deducted from the purchase cost. (It’s unclear if the brand’s rent-to-own policy puts a premium on the items.) Like most furniture rental companies, the longer the rental term, the lower the monthly fee for the item.

Whether an item can be purchased new, used, or solely rented varies across categories, which include everything from furniture to cookware to electronics such as game consoles. Inhabitr is available to residents in 12 major metropolitan areas nationwide.

There’s no minimum cart requirement, but the company will add a handling fee if the order is below $99 to cover delivery costs. Inhabitr requires renters to pay either a refundable security deposit upfront or opt in for coverage that’s added to their monthly total. The company also offers what it calls "break-free" insurance, which allows the renter to end their term early without paying a penalty.

Most Accessible: CORT



Why We Chose It: CORT has a nationwide footprint that makes it the most accessible company on this list for folks across the country.

What We Like

  • Nationwide availability
  • Variety of offerings, including furniture and home goods
  • One-week grace period to swap newly rented items

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Opaque pricing model
  • Monthly minimums

CORT’s nationwide footprint and wide variety of offerings, from furniture to electronics, means that it’s the most accessible of the many furniture rental companies out there. Like many companies that offer this service, the longer the rental contract, the lower an item’s monthly rent. While CORT allows renters to buy out items when their rental term is up, the rental payments made on the item don’t necessarily go toward that payment (though CORT will sell the item at a discounted price). CORT Furniture Outlets are also an option for aspiring buyers, where gently used pieces are offered at steep discounts.

The brand doesn’t traffic in the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic and monstera leaf patterns like some other companies on this list, but it does have a wide offering of styles, from contemporary to traditional. Another big upside of renting with CORT is that it gives renters one week to decide if an item will work in their space once delivered. If not, CORT will pick it up and replace it free of cost.

The minimum rental term is one month, and the brand also has monthly minimums for rentals. If a renter is using a debit card as payment, CORT requires a credit check and may also require a security deposit.

Best Variety of Items: CasaOne



Why We Chose It: CasaOne offers a wide variety of goods for rent, including the rare offering of fitness equipment.

What We Like

  • Offers interior design services and fitness equipment
  • Minimum rental term of one month

What We Didn’t Like

  • Credit check may be prohibitive for certain renters
  • Restocking fee equivalent to one month’s rent or $199, whichever is lower
  • $199 cancellation fee applies after 24 hours of placing order

CasaOne isn’t just a furniture rental platform; the company also rents out small appliances, housewares, and even fitness equipment. CasaOne features brand-name furniture rentals from the likes of West Elm and Article alongside offerings from brands with less name recognition that still deliver on style. Although CasaOne’s lineup of workout equipment is small, it’s still noteworthy with dumbbells, medicine balls, and an exercise bench among the items available.

CasaOne services several major metropolitan areas across the country. The price of items varies depending on the rental term, which can be anywhere from one to 12 months. Renters also have the option of extending their agreement if they’d like to hang onto their rentals after the initial term. There's a rent-to-own option as well.

If an item’s rental term exceeds three months, CasaOne conducts a credit check on the prospective renter and charges a refundable security deposit of one month’s rent. CasaOne offers optional benefits like furniture insurance and early termination, though both come at an additional cost.

Best for the Design Indecisive: Oliver



Why We Chose It: Oliver’s easily navigable website and style quiz make renting high-quality private label furniture easy.

What We Like

  • Design quiz helps indecisive renters
  • High-quality, on-trend products

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited availability

Oliver’s user-friendly website and interior design style quiz make it a cinch to curate a beautiful room of on-trend rental furniture. The brand’s signature design quiz gives new furniture renters a jumping-off point with pre-designed rooms that they can choose to rent as a whole, in part, or swap a few items from. The site also offers access to complimentary design consultants who can help craft that perfect look. For renters who already have an idea of what their home style is, there’s still a whole smattering of furniture pieces, decor, and plants to choose from.

The brand offers three plans suitable to short- and long-term renters, plus those looking to rent-to-own. Pricing is set up so that the longer the rental term, the lower the monthly cost.

Oliver doesn’t have delivery, assembly, or setup fees for the beginning of a rental term, and subscribers to the brand’s longer-term plans are allotted one free furniture swap. Subscribers to Oliver’s 1-Year Upfront plan, in which renters commit to a year’s worth of Oliver, get a 10 percent discount on their rentals. Oliver is available in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco

Best for Small-Space Living: Feather



Why We Chose It: Feather is particularly geared toward small spaces, making it a great choice for city dwellers.

What We Like

  • Smartly designed items
  • Visual style quiz

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited service area

Feather markets itself as “designed for city living,” which translates to a brand that focuses on smartly designed and space-efficient furniture pieces, making this well-suited for the city dweller. This rental furniture startup serves Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond, San Francisco, Orange County, Long Island City, Los Angeles, Downtown Jersey City, and New York, with off-brand emulations of classic furniture designs, alongside pieces by no-fuss furniture brand Floyd.

Like Oliver, Feather also offers a style quiz that helps steer renters to new-to-them pieces. Feather offers a unique membership plan that runs subscribers $19 a month for a year and comes with major perks like steeply discounted monthly rents, free delivery and assembly, and a complimentary furniture swap once a year. Feather also offers a non-member plan for renters on a three-month basis.

Feather’s rent-to-own model means that monthly rental payments made on pieces can ultimately go toward their purchase price should a renter decide they want to keep the item. Feather also lists traditional retail prices alongside the item’s rental prices, to make clear the rent-to-own structure. If a renter decides to purchase an item before the end of their plan, they’re still on the hook for their membership fees. Payments made on previously swapped items cannot go toward a buyout fee.

Best Up-and-Comer: Fernish



Why We Chose It: Fernish knows its clientele, and its furnishings and other offerings are designed to provide them with what they want with no fuss.

What We Like

  • Trendy furniture from name brands
  • Brand commitment to reduce furniture in landfills
  • Three days to swap items for free

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only available in limited locales
  • Minimum monthly subscription cost

Although Fernish is only available to customers in greater Los Angeles, the areas of southern and coastal Ventura County and Orange County, CA, Seattle, WA, and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, the brand shows promise as a rental purveyor of on-trend furniture from the likes of CB2 and Floyd. Fernish’s roster of stylish furniture, decor, and plants reflect the wants of its clientele. In addition to offering one-off items, Fernish also has furniture in curated room packages that make selecting pieces easy.

Fernish offers subscriptions from three to 12 months in length, with a minimum monthly subscription cost of $99. That subscription dictates the length of time an item is rented by a Fernish customer. After selecting pieces online, the items are delivered and assembled at no extra cost. If a customer decides within three days of delivery that the item they chose isn’t for them, it can be swapped out for free.

Customers who decide they want to keep an item can buy out the subscription for retail price, with the rental fee already paid going toward that sum. The longer the subscription, the less pricey the items are per month. If a customer needs to cancel a subscription before its end date, they’ll receive an end-of-contract invoice that reflects the difference in individual item fees between the initial length of their subscription and when the contract is being terminated.

Final Verdict

The rental furniture business landscape is changing as direct-to-consumer brands with a fresh aesthetic rise up to take on the industry’s more traditional heavy hitters. However, a drawback of this new direct-to-consumer market is the limited area these sites currently service—though the companies may trend away from this if the use of furniture rentals continues to thrive. Because of its variety of offerings in the furniture, decor, and electronics domain, as well as its unique position of offering up lightly-used furniture at discounted prices, we’ve named Inhabitr the best overall furniture rental company.

What Is Furniture Rental?

Furniture rental is exactly what it sounds like—pieces for the home that are available to rent for a monthly fee. Many furniture rental companies operating these days have also expanded their offerings to include decor like mirrors and rugs, homewares like sheets and flatware, and small electronics like toasters and game consoles.

Who Is Furniture Rental Good For?

Furniture rental has been around for decades, but the industry has seen a boost of late among young, transient workers who are not tied to a place by their employment. Furniture rental can be good for these individuals who might not want to coordinate moving the furniture they own. Furniture rental is not ideal for individuals who may risk falling behind on monthly payments.

What Do Furniture Rental Companies Charge?

There is no fixed rate that furniture rental companies charge. Some companies like Feather charge a monthly membership cost that the company uses to provide its members with a discounted rate as opposed to non-members. With most furniture rental companies, the longer the rental term, the less expensive an item is per month.

How We Chose the Best Furniture Rental Companies

We researched many furniture rental companies, and placed emphasis on those that showcase a variety of furniture styles, feature additional offerings like home decor and electronics, and service different areas of the country. CasaOne, for example, was chosen because it offers a wide range of items, including workout equipment. We selected Feather because it is tailor-made for city dwellers.

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