11 Scrumptious Gifts for the Chocolate Lover in Your Life

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When it comes to gifting, chocolate is one option you can't go wrong with. After all, the classic treat is a gift anyone with a sweet tooth is sure to appreciate. While you may be tempted to snag a quick and easy box of chocolates, know that there are tons of creative options out there that'll get the job done.

Whether it be a fondue set for the whole family or a comprehensive recipe book, we found the most out-of-the-box yet still delicious gifts for the chocolate lover in your life, keeping in mind the lucky recipient's preferences and allergies, as well as serving sizes.

Here, the best gifts for chocolate lovers.

Mouth Boozy Sweets

Boozy Sweets
Boozy Sweets .


For a gift that blends sweets and spirits, consider Mouth's Boozy Sweets Box. The set includes a variety of alcohol-infused chocolates and treats that make for a great gift, whether you're shopping for a housewarming party, birthday celebration, or beyond.

Whatever your loved one’s vice is, this well-curated box has it covered with everything from scotch caramels to whiskey-infused shortbread cookies. Plus, it comes in a neatly packaged gift box, so it’s ready to ship and send off to the recipient.

Makuzo Home Chocolate Chip Brownie Candle

Chocolate Chip Brownie Candle

Makuzo Home/Etsy

Who said a chocolate gift has to be edible? With this cozy candle from Etsy shop Makuzo Home, chocolate lovers can enjoy the scent of their favorite sweet treat throughout their entire home with ease.

The budget-friendly candle is made from soy wax and has a wood wick that crackles as it burns. Notes of vanilla and cream blend together for a delicious fragrance that they'll love, and burn time is 40-50 hours depending on the size you choose.

Savor Beauty Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask

Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask
Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask.

Savor Beauty

Chocolate is a delicious snack, but it also makes for great skincare as well. Take Savor Beauty's Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask, for example, which uses the antioxidants found in Dutch cocoa for a spa-worthy treatment.

The detoxifying clay mask formula combines Dutch cocoa, Moroccan lava clay, and buttermilk for a formula that'll encourage glowing, hydrated skin. Plus, preparing the mask is as easy as baking a cake—literally. All they'll have to do is combine the mask with milk, egg whites, or water, mix it all together, and apply it to your face.

Godiva Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee

Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee
Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee.


For the perfect morning pick-me-up, consider Godiva's Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee. The chocolate-flavored coffee offers the taste of Godiva's infamous chocolate truffles blended with the benefits of caffeine for a truly special treat.

The ground coffee is offered in a 10-ounce bag and is a medium roast. Each individual bag is budget-friendly, so you can either purchase a few and make a set or combine it with other treats. Regardless, your loved one will love having a fresh cup of it each morning.

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser

The Velvetiser
The Velvetiser.

Hotel Chocolat

If you're looking for a gift the whole family can enjoy, consider Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser. The copper hot chocolate machine includes all of the essentials for a cozy night at home and even makes for a stylish addition to a kitchen countertop.

The machine may be a bit of an investment piece, but it includes two ceramic cups and one box of The Everything Hot Chocolate Selection, which includes ten single-serve sachets. It also comes with a one-year full parts and labor guarantee, so the purchase will be protected.

Knack Let Them Eat Cake Gift Set

Let Them Eat Cake Gift Set
Let Them Eat Cake Gift Set .


If you think cake is the sort of decadent dessert that is reserved for special occasions, think again. Knack's Let Them Eat Cake Gift Set offers a mug-sized portion your loved ones can enjoy at any time, no professional baking skills required.

The kit includes a 16-ounce stoneware mug, fork, and spatula, as well as a copy of “Mug Cakes,” which features 40 different mug cake recipes. It's worth noting, however, that the cake ingredients have to be purchased separately.

Taste of Home Chocolate: 100 Cakes, Candies and Decadent Delights

Taste of Home
Taste of Home .

Taste of Home

If you're shopping for your favorite foodie or baker, consider "Taste of Home Chocolate: 100 Cakes, Candies and Decadent Delights." The cookbook boasts over 100 recipes for easy-to-make treats for all different tastes.

The 208-page book is organized into chapters for different types of chocolate, from cakes and pies to decadent desserts and beyond. Regardless of which recipe your loved one is making, the recipes are simple and offer all the information needed to help hone their cooking and baking skills.

Skin by Harmony Coffee & Chocolate Self Care Box

Coffee & Chocolate Self Care Box
Coffee & Chocolate Self Care Box.


If your loved one is a fan of chocolate, coffee, and self care, Skin by Harmony's Coffee & Chocolate Self Care Box is the perfect gift. The six-piece set includes all of the essentials they'll need for a relaxing night at home.

The set includes a soap bar, sugar scrub, body butter, under-eye serum, bath bomb, and a coffee-scented candle, each of which is handmade and is infused with coffee and/or cocoa. The set is packaged in a gift box and can include a personalized message as well, so it's ready to send to the lucky recipient.

Grow and Make Make-Your-Own Chocolate Truffles Kit


Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The DIY-lover in your life will appreciate Grow and Make's Make-Your-Own Chocolate Truffles Kit. The set includes all of the essentials to make delicious French dark chocolate treats at home, no prior baking skills required.

The set includes a thermometer, two bags of chocolate chips, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, sea salt, peppermint extract, and vanilla extract, as well as comprehensive instructions to help you get started. It'll produce approximately 36 truffles too, so they'll have plenty of sweets to enjoy once the baking is all over.

The Republic of Tea Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment

Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment
Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment.

The Republic of Tea

If you want to upgrade your loved one's tea collection, you can't go wrong with The Republic of Tea's Chocolate Tea Assortment. The pack of 24 tea bags includes unique chocolate flavors that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The box includes individually wrapped tea bags of flavors like Red Velvet Chocolate Rooibos Tea, Coconut Cocoa Herbal Tea, Peppermint Chocolate Rooibos Tea, and Banana Chocolate Rooibos Tea. The budget-friendly tea, which is gluten-free, makes for a thoughtful stocking stuffer or even as part of a self-care gift.

Kovot 1.7 qt. Stainless Steel Fondue Set

1.7 qt. Stainless Steel Fondue Set
1.7 qt. Stainless Steel Fondue Set.


Your favorite hostess will appreciate Kovot's Stainless Steel Fondue Set. The 1.7-quart pot makes for a great activity anyone can enjoy, whether it be a holiday celebration, birthday party, or casual dinner party at home.

In addition to a stainless steel fondue pot, the kit also includes accessories like skewers, ramekins, bowls, plates, spoons, and a stand. Your loved one will enjoy dipping strawberries, pretzels, and other snacks to create their own chocolate treats. And while it's great for melting chocolate, it can also be used for cheese and any other dip or sauce.

What to Look for in a Chocolate Gift

Allergies/ Dietary Restrictions

When it comes to food-related gifts, it's important to take note of any dietary restrictions or allergies the recipient may have. For chocolate specifically, double-check if it contains nuts, fruit, caramel, and any other extra ingredients that may pose an issue. In addition, consider if the recipient is lactose intolerant or has other dietary restrictions to determine the type of chocolate that's best for them.


Chocolate is available in multiple types—white, dark, and milk being the most common. It also comes in tons of forms, from chocolate bars to truffles to infused coffee. While you shop, consider the preferences of the recipient. If they have a more classic palette, you can't go wrong with a milk chocolate bar. If they're coffee or tea drinkers, they'll appreciate chocolate-infused options.

Serving Size

When choosing a gift, think about the serving size in relation to who is receiving it. For example, if you're sending a gift set to a family, you'll want to ensure that the serving size is portioned for that many people or more.

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