Finally, a Definitive List of the Best Things to Do in New York on Mother's Day


Courtesy of Chillhouse

Each year, the prospect of finding the perfect Mother's Day gift gets more and more daunting. Between Christmas, birthdays, and Mother's Day, chances are that over the years, you've exhausted all your most creative resources in search of the perfect present. But just because you're out of ideas doesn't mean you have to resort to a last-minute greeting card and a bunch of flowers.

Whether you live in New York City or are simply visiting for the weekend, there are tons of off-the-beaten-path activities that have Mother's Day written all over them. The trick is to be able to look beyond the first page of Google search results for "best Mother's Day gifts from NYC" (insert bottomless brunches and Broadway matinées here) and find unique experiences that will show your mom how much you care. Convinced? We searched high and low to bring you a definitive guide to the best gifts from NYC.