Drinking Your Green Tea This Way Will Help You Get in Shape


The idea that green tea is good for your metabolism is nothing new; it's basically solidified its spot on every list of metabolism-boosting foods ever. But unsurprisingly, the brand, temperature, and kind of green tea all effect its potency, according to registered dietitian and nutrition expert Keri Glassman. 

First of all, "The benefits of green tea shouldn't be lessened by the addition of flavors," Glassman told Women's Health. She cautions against drinking green teas with any added flavors or sweeteners, including your average pomegranate green tea, cranberry green tea, and the like.

To that end, some brands are far more potent and high-quality than others. "There can be a difference in the quality of tea leaves and the number of additional, unnecessary ingredients," she notes. Always look for brands that use all-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, such as Traditional MedicinalsYogi, or David's Tea

She also recommends drinking it hot, as the "benefits are maximized" in this state as opposed to iced tea. The experts over at Bigelow actually recommend bringing the water to a slight boil (think little bubbles) before pouring over the tea bag. Finally, let the tea steep for three to four minutes tops.

If sipping green tea isn't really your thing, you can cut corners with green tea extract. "Adding green tea extract to water is a great way to get the benefits of green tea while on-the-go," Glassman concludes. "Depending on the concentration of the formula, 1 ml of green tea extract can allow you to reap the benefits of drinking roughly 8 to 10 cups worth of antioxidant-rich green tea."

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