It's Official: These Are the Best Halloween Movies of All Time

Halloween is quickly approaching, and for anyone who loves the holiday, it's never too soon to begin indulging in all things spooky. Whether that entails finalizing a costume choice or beginning to incorporate autumnal persuasions—pumpkin flavored everything—into your quotidian life, readying for Halloween can be just as much fun as the big night. For those looking to get a head start on the frightening festivities, we've rounded up the 13 14 best Halloween movies of all time to add to your queue. From classic Hitchcock to '90s cult slashers, this lineup is guaranteed to get you in the Halloween spirit. Count down to October 31 with the haunting movies every scary movie lover should have in their arsenal.

Head below to add the best Halloween movies of all time to your queue, and get ready for chills.