The Best Creams a Hand Model, Amazon Reviewers, and a Flight Attendant Swear By

We all know that it's important to keep our hands clean for health and hygiene purposes, but the more we wash our hands, the drier they get, and the drier they get, the less smooth, supple, and healthy they look. That's why hand models actually avoid washing their hands as much as they can. Since most us work with our hands or navigate public spaces, we'd probably be walking cesspools of germs if we didn't frequently wash them. 

In an effort to find the best hand creams for dry skin to really lock in moisture, we scoured the internet and went straight to the review sections to see if they live up to the hype. It also doesn't hurt to maintain silky smooth, well-hydrated hands. Below are the 15 top-rated products both high and low from the likes of Sephora, Amazon, SpaceNK, and Net-a-Porter. Hear what the people have to say about them so you can choose the best hand cream for you based on your needs.