12 Healthy Snacks to Help You Power Through Even the Busiest Schedule

There's something about being at an office that can bring on a particular type of hunger. Maybe it's the fact that we're staring at screens for hours at a time, and so we mindlessly eat. Maybe it's because we're sitting through yet another budget meeting, and so food becomes entertainment. Maybe it's because more and more offices are offering free snacks, and it's nice to nibble on something as we approach a never-ending onslaught of emails. When considering all of the aspects that go into a typical workday, it's no wonder that our stomachs grumble plenty of times before it's time to leave.

But before you join your coworkers to indulge in whatever sugary food is in the break room, keep your cool and try these 12 healthy snack options instead. From a soothing blueberry smoothie and an energy-boosting pistachio macaroon granola bar to oatmeal bites and various dips, these are the types of choices you need to power through whatever your 9-to-5 throws your way. Since snacking on the job is almost impossible to avoid, these picks are sure to make that habit as flavorful and stress-free as possible. And as for your inbox, well, we wish you luck.