If You Love the Crown, Add These 14 Historical Dramas to Your Watch List Stat

Historical drama is the best drama.

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Between the lavish costumes, impeccably styled sets, and engrossing plots, we can't get enough of historical dramas. Some might forgo factual accuracy, others often take political intrigue at face value, and occasionally they can showcase soap opera–level acting for the sake of piquing our interest, but as long as quality period dramas like The Crown are streaming, we'll stand by our endorsement.

We went in search of other historical dramas to binge-watch on Netflix, and trust us—there are some good ones. Spanning a popular period piece set against the backdrop of war-torn Morocco in the 1920s to 9th century epic battle scenes that will give you all the Game of Thrones feels, there are plenty of watch list–worthy series to stream once you've finished The Crown.

Here are our picks for the best historical dramas on Netflix.

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Call the Midwife (2012–)

Call the Midwife

 Neal Street Productions

This popular BBC-produced drama takes place in London in the 1950s. It centers around a newly qualified midwife making her way in London's impoverished East End neighborhood.

Available on: Netflix

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Versailles (2015–2018)


 Zodiak Rights

If you couldn't get enough of the Sofia Coppola film, Marie Antoinette, you'll fall in love with this series, set in France in the 1660s. As you may have guessed from the title, this historical drama takes place during the period when 28-year-old Louis XIV rises to power and sets out to build Versailles.

Available on: Netflix

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Troy: Fall of a City (2018)

Troy: Fall of a City

Endemol Shine Group

Set during the Trojan War, this miniseries is rife with political and romantic drama as Paris and Helen's love affair takes down a powerful city. The British-American series tells the story of the 10 year siege of Troy, and it takes place in the 13th century BCE.

Available on: Netflix

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Pablo Escobar: El Patrón Del Mal (2012)

Pablo Escobar El Patrón Del Mal


This one doesn't take you too far back (it takes place in Colombia in the 1980s and 1990s), but it's so worth a watch. The Colombian-produced telenovela follows the horrific exploits of the notorious narco-trafficker, Pablo Escobar, including the unique perspective of the people most affected by his crimes. If you loved Narcos, this is your new obsession.

Available on: Netflix

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Mr. Sunshine (2018)

Mr. Sunshine


In this Korean period drama, a young boy who was born into slavery and escaped to the United States finally returns to his homeland as a U.S. Marine in the midst of a political struggle. It's set in Korea in the early 1900s.

Available on: Netflix

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The Borgias (2011–2013)

The Borgias

In the midst of the Renaissance, the Spanish Borgias family rises to power in Italy, with one of their own leading the Catholic Church as Pope Alexander VI. The show portrays their struggle to maintain power.

Available on: Netflix

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The Rise of Phoenixes (2018)

The Rise of the Phoenixes


Loosely based on Huang Quan, a novel by Tianxia Guiyuan, this series takes place in ancient China. It centers around a king with a dark past and a warrior with a secret of her own.

Available on: Netflix

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Morocco: Love in Times of War (2017)

Morocco: Love in Times of War


This series takes place in Morocco in the 1920s. During the Rif War, a group of all-female nurses from well-to-do families move from Spain to Morocco to help treat the wounded.

Available on: Netflix

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Marco Polo (2014–2016)

Marco Polo


Although the series had a short two-season run, this historical drama about the adventures of young explorer Marco Polo is well worth a watch. It takes place in Mongolia in the late 1200s.

Available on: Netflix

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Bridgerton (2020–)

Bridgerton poster


Dive into the scandalous world of London high society circa 1815, as young Daphne Bridgerton makes her debut into the competitive marriage market. Get ready to be swept into a fast-paced world of lavish comforts (including fantastic wardrobe design), barely suppressed sexuality, and all the drama you can handle based on the best-selling series of novels by the same name.

Available on: Netflix

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Turn: Washington's Spies (2014–2017)

Turn: Washington's Spies

New on Netflix

This period drama, which originally aired on AMC, delves into the events that ultimately led to the American's victory in the Revolutionary War over the British. It takes place in the U.S. from the late 1770s to the early 1780s, and it's truly fascinating.

Available on: Netflix

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Mindhunter (2019)

Mindhunter poster


Kick it back to the '70s in this crime drama that portrays the early days of studying the minds of serial killers. With the help of psychologist Wendy Carr, FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench study the psyches of notorious serial killers by means of intensive interviews and some questionable tactics. It's a fascinating, thrilling, and somewhat disturbing ride.

Available on: Netflix

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Alias Grace (2017)

Alias Grace poster


Follow the harrowing story based on the real life Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant sentenced to life in Canadian prison for her supposed role in a gruesome double murder in the 1840s. Her conviction was highly controversial at the time, and Marks was eventually exonerated after 30 years behind bars. You won't be able to tear yourself away from this one.

Available on: Netflix

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The Last Kingdom (2015–)

The Last Kingdom poster


Travel way back in time to the 9th century as our hero protagonist Uhtred fights to reclaim his ancestral birthright—the lands we now call England. This show is something like Game of Thrones meets Vikings meets The Tudors, so be ready to binge.

Available on: Netflix

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