7 Holy-Grail Home Products We Discovered Through Our Editors

Some of the best home décor discoveries we've made in the past few years have been through word-of-mouth. In an office like MyDomaine's, where the watercooler conversation of choice consists of all things home and décor, it's not surprising that our editors often end up purchasing a lot of the same products. Case in point: Most of us share the same bedding brand, mattress, and even cookware.

Anything from the best candle scents to the softest towels gets meticulously deliberated in brainstorms and meetings. So we decided to give these products their fifteen minutes of fame. We asked our editors to share the home décor finds that have essentially changed their lives. Was it a certain Wi-Fi speaker, a silky smooth pillowcase, or a life-altering hammock? Behold, our editors' holy-grail home products that they simply can't live without—and you shouldn't either.