The Best Home Depot Paint Colors to Get Your Place Ready for Fall


Sarah Sherman Samuel

As much as we all love summer, there's a certain relief to it ending too. We're no longer restless to enjoy its blue skies and shorelines, no longer rushed to plan alfresco barbecues, and no longer pressured into weekend getaways. It's fun, of course, but if we're being honest, there's also a part of us that is ready to just stay home. When fall arrives, we have our excuse: It's the time of year to relish in getting cozy.

In the spirit of this homebody sentiment, we asked Sarah Fishburne, the director of trend and design at The Home Depot, to guide us through the color schemes that will make our homes look stylish as we settle back in. "Color is always evolving, and right now, we are liking colors that are soothing: grays, taupes, blues, shell pinks, and greens," she says.

These cool but enveloping shades add depth to a room while still allowing for furniture and styling to bring their own personalities to a space. "I tend to like colors that work together in palettes and colors that have gray in them," she says. "Colors you would describe as muddier, not pure—I like to pop pure colors in for accents." Below Fishburne provides more details as to why those aforementioned hues should be considered for any fall paint jobs you may have in store. As far as we can tell, these shades will set you up for a blissful season spent indoors.