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These Are the Best Home Depot Paint Colors

blue bedroom

Design: Blue Copper Design; Photo: Life Created 

If you want to totally transform the look of your space without investing too much time or money, we'd like to introduce you to The Home Depot's immense paint collection. Whether you're learning toward moody and dark or cheerful and light, you'll definitely believe in the power of paint after seeing how quickly (and dramatically) it can transform your interiors. We asked The Home Depot's Sarah Fishburne to guide us through the color schemes that will give your space the stylish boost it needs.

Meet the Expert

Sarah Fishburne is The Home Depot's director of trend and design. She manages the company's team of designers, develops products, and identifies trends in merchandise.

Below, Fishburne explains why these hues should be considered for any paint jobs you may have in store.

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Behr Ultra Pure White

white living room

Design: Katie Hackworth; Photo: Belathée Photography

"This is a very clean white that is perfect for interior and exterior ceilings and trim," Fishburne says. "It does not have any blue, pink, or yellow undertones, so it is very clear and crisp."

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White $32.00
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Behr White Moderne

"I also like tinted whites that can be used either on trim or on entire walls. You can pair them perfectly with Ultra Pure White, too," she notes. "I like a white with a gray undertone that feels modern and updated like White Moderne."

BEHR Marquee White Moderne Satin Enamel Interior Paint
Behr Marquee White Moderne $45.00
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Behr Doeskin Gray

warm neutral living room

Design: Bespoke Only; Photo: Nicole Franzen

"This is a great all-over house neutral that's warm enough to complement many wood tones, and it'll feel like a fresh and contemporary neutral for homes that need a clean canvas. It works well with any of the white shades, too," Fishburne offers.

BEHR Premium Plus Doeskin Gray Eggshell Home Depot Paint Colors
Behr Premium Plus Doeskin Gray $28.00
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Glidden Essentials Castle Rock

"We are seeing a return of warmer, yellow-based neutrals, and Castle Rock is a fresh take on a classic," she says. "It partners well with a few grays we've introduced recently, making for a beautiful cool-toned look."

Glidden Essentials Castle Rock Semi-Gloss Interior Paint Best Home Depot Paint Colors
Glidden Essentials Castle Rock $19.00
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Behr Loft Space

gray living room

Design: Liljencrantz Design

"Grays will not be going away. I think we'll see them being layered more with warmer neutrals and browns for a fresh take on neutrals," Fishburne says. "This is a soft, approachable gray. I like it because it doesn't have any other underlying colors in it."

Behr Premium Plus Loft Space
Behr Premium Plus Loft Space $33.00
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Glidden Premium Medici Gray

"This is another great go-to gray that's a little darker than Loft Space, but still very easy to live with," Fishburne notes. "It can be used throughout the house and it's a great exterior color."

Glidden Premium Medici Grey Flat Interior Paint With Primer
Glidden Premium Medici Grey $19.00
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Behr Cracked Pepper

blue bedroom

Design: Blue Copper Design; Photo: Life Created 

"I love weaving an unexpected dark color into muted palettes to keep them from getting too sweet and childlike," Fishburne notes. "The best way to describe this color is as a soft black. Dark colors can really show off beautiful trim work, too."

BEHR Marquee Cracked Pepper One-Coat Interior Paint Best Home Depot Paint Colors
Behr Marquee Cracked Pepper $43.00
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Behr Urban Raincoat

Fishburne admits: "For me, blues are 'whole house' colors. I believe in having a signature tone and weaving it throughout the whole house as your anchor. This is a soft grayish blue, so when paired with richer blues, it will look more blue, and when it's around grays, it'll appear grayer."

BEHR Premium Plus Urban Raincoat Hi-Gloss Best Home Depot Paint Colors
Behr Premium Plus Urban Raincoat $33.00
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Kylie Ryan

"This is a rich, deep blue," she says. "NYPD has an inky base because of its gray undertone, and, depending on where you use it, it can look sophisticated or casual."

BEHR Premium Plus NYPD Flat Interior Paint and Primer in One Best Home Depot Paint Colors
Behr Premium Plus NYPD $25.00
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Behr Moon Gloss

"Moon Gloss is fresh without being over-the-top. It plays well with all neutrals from cool to warm, and since it has a little blue in it, it complements other blues," Fishburne says. "I love using aqua hues like this everywhere from walls and ceilings to trims and doors. You can even use it on cabinets. It's a timeless aqua that never goes out of style."

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Moon Glass Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Moon Glass $38.00
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Glidden Essentials Night Watch

Glidden Night Watch


"This was PPG's Color of the Year in 2019, and it's easy to see why," Fishburne admits. "This color is classic, but it still feels very modern and fresh. When paired with soft, airy colors, it becomes an anchor, and when layered with deep, rich colors, it fades into the background."

Glidden Essentials Night Watch Flat Exterior Paint
Glidden Essentials Night Watch $18.00
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Behr Unpredictable Hue

"I like this for homeowners who like the idea of dark color but shy away from black," she explains. "It is a bit softer, but will offer the same dramatic feel as a strong black and can complement as many colors as white does. With black, though, those colors take on a totally different effect."

BEHR Premium Plus Unpredictable Hue Semi-Gloss
Behr Premium Plus Unpredictable Hue $32.00
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Glidden Essentials Safari Bisque Beige

Glidden Safari


"I love soft pinks for all over the home," Fishburne acknowledges. "There is something so soothing about a petal pink room. However, people may shy away from it because they are afraid it might look too juvenile. Super pale shades like this offer just a hint of color, making it feel more sophisticated than infantile."

Glidden Essentials Safari Bisque Beige Semi-Gloss Interior Paint
Glidden Essentials Safari Bisque Beige $19.00
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Behr Dash of Curry

"There are two colors you will always find in my home: aqua and coral. Dash of Curry is the perfect coral in my eye," she says. "It has an orange undertone that keeps it from reading too pink as some corals do. I consider it to be a pick-me-up in any room."

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Dash of Curry Eggshell Enamel Interior Paint
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Dash of Curry $35.00
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Glidden Essentials Afternoon Martini Olive

Glidden Afternoon Martini


"I like to use green to complement blues and grays. I lean toward yellow-based or acid greens that feel more fresh and modern over greens that look a little bit gray," Fishburne says. "Yellow-based greens can be a nice bridge between classic and modern, too."

Glidden Essentials Afternoon Martini Olive Eggshell Interior Paint
Glidden Essentials Afternoon Martini Olive $16.00