The One Affordable Piece That Elevates Your Home—Instantly

Updated 05/05/19

Our homes are often a reflection of our lives. If it's looking slightly chaotic and cluttered, it's most likely your schedule is the same, with your work/life balance pendulum swinging a little too far over into the professional camp. But there's a quick fix for that. You can use our guide to clean your home in under an hour, employ these productivity hacks to make you win at your work life, and try our favorite decorative product swap to give your home a much-need face-lift. What's this genius little item we speak of? Home hardware, of course.

We're talking kitchen cabinet pulls, knobs, drawer handles, and hooks. This tiny swap is a guaranteed way to upgrade any tired space in an instant (and for little money). To discover some of the best options out there, we asked our interior designer friends to share their current favorites. From leather straps to Lucite handles, there's something for every taste and interior style.

Nikole Ramsay for The Grace Tales
Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co. Knurled Pull $52

"These drawer pulls are beautiful and practical (the perfect combo). The textured midsection provides the best grip, and the dark bronze works with so many colors." — Tali Roth, residential designer, Homepolish

Lux Holdups DIA Matte Smoke Lucite Drawer Pull $78

"How sexy are these Lucite-and–matte metal pulls? Etsy is an excellent resource for finding handcrafted and bespoke products like this. This pick is an excellent way to upgrade a piece of furniture you already own or to put some glamor into a bathroom or personal space." — Janice Francois, director of interiors, Abramson Teiger Architects

Turnstyle Designs Strap Leather Cabinet Pull Handle

Turnstyle Designs Strap Leather Cabinet Pull Handle (price upon request)

"For most hardware, we shop at Liz's Antique Hardware in Los Angeles because they have beautiful new products along with a large inventory of antique hardware. We love using antique hardware (if it all matches) because we feel that it makes a project unique and gives it depth of character. This piece (from Turnstyle Designs) is reminiscent of old luggage and is a great way to warm up a space. We also love their door handles." — Dorianne Passman, co-founder, Thea Home

Rejuvenation Hexagonal Bin Pull $11

"It is a 99% chance that these are going to be the drawer pulls in my new English country kitchen, and I am very very excited about them. Besides being beautiful, they make opening and closing the drawers so easy. Who knew a bin pull was much easier than a knob or pull?" Emily Henderson, director, Emily Henderson Design

Modshop Hollywood Brass Pull from Modshop Set of 2 $70 $56

"When you want to make a statement, I say go big or go home. These babies centered on cabinet doors would be stunning. I would use them in a master bathroom or even a teen girl's bath." Jessica McClendon, founder, Glamour Nest


Alyssa Rosenheck for Jason Arnold Interiors
School House Electric Edgecliff Pull $32

"We source classic hardware from Schoolhouse Electric. The price point is friendly, and the quality is always reliable. We love the Edgecliff Pull in Matte Bronze for its simple clean lines and proportion. It comes in a three beautiful finishes, which make it an easy pick for any client." Olivia Korenberg and Jenn Pablo, co-founders, TwoFold LA

Anthropologie Through the Wood Fox Knob $12

"Why wouldn't you use a cabinet knob shaped like a fox? There's so much seriousness in home design, and these little guys are impossible not to smile at. Use them on a vintage dresser in a kids' room or a guest bathroom vanity. Foxy!" Max Humphrey, Portland-based interior designer

Norm Architects Norm Coat Hanger $150

"I am very tempted to rip out my current entryway coat hooks and throw this bad boy in the entry area. It's sleek, modern, and functional, all of which I need in my life right now." Brady Tolbert, editorial director, Emily Henderson

Ferm Living Leather Ladder $210

"Use this ladder in your living room to display some of your coziest throws or on the back of your bathroom door as a unique and eye-catching towel hanger. It has lots of space for towels, and it's just gorgeous." Tali Roth

Tessa Neustadt for Thea Home
Manzoni Cup Pull

Manzoni Cup Pull (price upon request)

"For kitchen hardware, we love these pulls by Manzoni. We used them in this kitchen (pictured below) because they are a modern take on a very traditional bin pull. The design is a very clean line, but the imperfect and somewhat antique finish on them brings the nostalgia. They were the perfect fit for that transitional kitchen." Dorianne Passman

Rocky Mountain Hardware Kitchen Deck Mount Faucet With Straight Spout

Rocky Mountain Hardware Kitchen Deck Mount Faucet With Straight Spout (price upon request)

"We love Rocky Mountain Hardware. Their designs are always unique, and we find that they work well in a range of homes. We love this particular faucet for the aged finish and the unique handles, which are decorative but don't feel kitschy." — Olivia Korenberg and Jenn Pablo

Walnut Studio Leather and Wood Cabinet Handle $34

"These all-American leather pulls are produced here in the U.S. They have a great natural tactility that would work well in a kitchen or as a fun accent on a piece of furniture." Janice Francois

Rejuvenation Fenton Coverplate $20

"Don't ignore your switch plates! These forged brass jobbies are an instant upgrade to the crappy plastic ones that we've all come to expect. All-white walls in your house? Why not swap out your switch plates for these in oil-rubbed bronze to blow your friends' minds when they come over? So smooth and so clean." — Max Humphrey

Garth Roberts Antique Mirror Coat Hooks $244

"These are super pricey but so beautiful. Garth Roberts makes some gorgeous pieces, and his wall hooks are no exception. They look like a sparkly art installation." Tali Roth

Tessa Neustadt for Thea Home
Chiba Metal Works & Design Triangle Brass Hanger $43

"I love this gorgeous towel hanger from Analogue home. It's such a pretty way to display a tea towel in the kitchen or hand towel in the bathroom." — Tali Roth

Anthropologie Checker Knob $8

"Perfectly mod and fun to use in a powder room. Black and white looks great mixed with pretty much any metal finish, so you can use these with abandon regardless of your faucet/plumbing situation. I've used these to spruce up a rental apartment with less-than-cute knobs, and the best part is you can take them with you when you move."  Max Humphrey 

Reprotique Acrylic and Brass Georgian Switch Plate $160

"These are a splurge, but as Charles Eames said, the details are not the details. They make the design. I would use them in any feminine space. They're the perfect accent."  Jessica McClendon

Buster & Punch Furniture Knob $62

"You can’t go wrong with this brand. I love the mixed-metal options on this hardware, especially the smoked bronze–and-brass combination. It's timeless with an edge."  Janice Francois

Alyssa Rosenheck for Jennifer Robin Interiors
Rejuvenation Modern House Numbers $39

"It's simple, it's classic, and it's informational, all very important things when it comes to house numbers. I recently used these to update the numbers on the exterior of my house and this simple fix makes a big impact to your curb appeal." Emily Henderson

Acorn Absolute Zero Cabinet Pull Cube

Acorn Absolute Zero Cabinet Pull Cube (price upon request)

"For a clean and modern pull, we love this simple and discrete cube."  Dorianne Passman

Anthropologie Bow-Tied Knob $10

"I am obsessed with this pull. It feels very Kate Spade to me. I would use it in a feminine closet with blush cabinetry and black accents."  Jessica McClendon

RDM Gold Coat Heavy Duty Hangers, Set of 10 $29

"I know every rule in the book says not to use wire hangers, but these guys are a little chunkier and a whole lot better than the usuals what with their brass color. So I am going to give a universal okay for you to use these in your closet just like me." — Brady Tolbert

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