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Meet 8 Brands With Ridiculously Chic Home Office Décor Lines

Built-in desk with shelves

Sarah Fultz Interiors

When the country began sheltering-in-place back in March, working from home seemed like a temporary fix. Sure, it might’ve been smart to bring your cubicle essentials home, but we all thought we’d be back in a few weeks time. But we all know how the story goes: weeks turned into months, and months turned into nearly a year. And, with no end to working from home in sight, it’s about time we add some office essentials to our spaces.

Admittedly, home office furniture and accessories are particularly known for their style. But, thanks to a new group of brands shelling out WFH lines, the home office is getting a chic makeover.

“Throughout our history, our vantage point to the market has been the crossover experience between our workplace and residential designs,” explains David Bright, spokesman for Knoll. “Florence Knoll applied her understanding of space and architecture to furniture, a pioneering concept at the time. Today, our process references her modern perspective to furniture pieces that are user-centric and shape and mediate space—be that in the workplace or the home.” 

Ready to make your home office more productive, comfortable, and stylish? These are the brands to have on your radar—and in your e-carts.

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You work hard during the nine-to-five grind, so why not invest in furniture that shows up for you in all the ways you need? Fully is packed with innovative office essentials, but its Tic Toc stool is poised to become the hero of your workspace.

Decked out with a sleek, Scandinavian-like design, this rocking stool is designed to give your body those micro-adjustment it craves all day long. In fact, Fully claims this stool will improve your circulation and back alignment, plus it keeps your body moving all day long. It’s also surprisingly compact, making it a godsend for small space dwellers.

Tic Toc Chair
Fully Tic Toc Stool $225.00
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Burke Decor

Still think home office furniture is unanimously unstylish? Prepare to be amazed by Burke Decor’s assortment. The brand infuses today’s hottest trends into sensible pieces for your office space. The result? Office furniture that can hold its own during important work conference calls and Zoom happy hours alike.

If you need any more convincing, this cane filing cabinet is hands-down the chicest filing cabinet we’ve ever seen. Admittedly, Burke Decor’s office essentials can get a little pricey, but think of it this way: they’ll double as trendy furniture once you head back to your beloved cubicle.

Carmel Filing Cabinet
Burke Decor Filing Cabinet $710.00
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Branch Furniture

If the thought of sitting at a desk all day bums you out, pick up a standing desk from Branch Furniture. Standing desks are proven to reduce back pain, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Fortunately, this pared-back option is so stylish, you’ll want to use it as a dining room table after work hours. Of course, standing desks are just the beginning of Branch Furniture’s offerings. The brand also has a slew of chairs, storage cabinets, and conventional desks.

Standing desk.
Branch Furniture Standing Desk $815.00 $699.00
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The midcentury darling brand Knoll has reimagined its sleek aesthetic into home office furniture you’ll actually want to show off. With a flexible net back and cushioned seat, the ReGeneration chair is comfortable enough to sit in all day long, but doesn’t sacrifice style.

This chair might not be cheap, but if you’re planning to sit for the bulk of your day, it’s well worth the investment. Best of all? It’s made with recyclable materials and has received certifications for its sustainable design.

If you’re already sitting pretty, Knoll teamed up with Muuto to create a line of well-appointed side tables, desk, lamps, and other accoutrements. We think Florence would definitely approve.

ReGeneration Chair
Knoll ReGeneration Chair $610.00
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West Elm

If you’re looking for home office furniture that will fit in with the rest of your pieces, your go-to home décor shop is a good place to start. West Elm is known for its sleek, reasonably-priced inventory—and its work essentials are no different.

From space-efficient secretary desks to cozy chairs and everything in between, West Elm’s home office section means business, pun intended.

Mid-century mini secretary
West Elm Mid-Century Mini Secretary $399.00
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World Market

We’ll be the first ones to admit that, like most furniture, desks and ergonomic chairs can be expensive. While we fully support investing in your pieces, you might not be willing to spend a small fortune on your (hopefully) temporary home office.

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, head over to World Market. While the retailer has plenty of well-priced office furniture, we think their rolling storage carts are downright genius. Once you clock out from work, you can place all your office essentials here to clear up some table space. And, when you wake up, you’ll have everything you need organized and raring to go. It’s like the design equivalent of a commuter bag.

Gold Wire Basket 3 Tier Antonia Rolling Cart
World Market Gold Wire Basket 3 Tier Antonia Rolling Cart $100.00
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Want to bring some style to your at-home workspace? Cuyana is here to help. The direct-to-consumer brand might be known for its leather bags and accessories, but it also has a solid assortment of catchall trays, pen holders, and tech cases.

If you want to invest in something you’ll use even after the work from home mandate, check out their Convertible Leather Laptop Sleeve. Part computer case, part mouse pad, all genius.

Convertible Leather Laptop Sleeve
Cuyana Convertible Leather Laptop Sleeve $115.00
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Effie’s Paper

Of course, no WFH setup is complete without some desk accessories. From cheeky nameplates to journals that are perfect for jotting down notes during an umpteenth Zoom call, Effie’s Paper is here to bring some fun back to your home office.

Our favorite pick? These ridiculously fancy marble Post-It notes. It doesn’t get any chicer.

Marble Post-It Notes
Effie’s Paper Marble Post-It Notes $5.00